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Preparing for Ramadan 2015

preparing for Ramadan 2015
Hi Lovelies
With roughly only a week until Ramadan and this will be my second year of taking part in Ramadan as the previous ones as I was pregnant so I am looking forward to starting and completing this years Ramadan with my husband Inshallah!
Last year was a big surprise to me, as it was very hot, hotter then usual and I completed so many more days then I expected and it was easier then after a few hours and usually during the day I was fine but once it got to 1 hour before iftar time, the minutes feel like hours and especially when you start preparing the food and can see ice cold pop waiting at the dinner table.

What is Ramadan?
I will just give you all a quick idea what Ramadan is all about, this is only a brief guide on it and my own personal view on it, more information is online and you can find out more by visiting your local Mosque (Masjid).
Ramadan is a celebration celebrated by a billion Muslims all around the world and is observed by Muslims on the 9th month of the Islamic calender which is the month Muhammad (PBUH) had the first revelation of the Holy Quran. Ramadan is one  of the five pillars of Islam and Ramadan usually lasts 29-30 days depending when the crescent moon is spotted.
While fasting from dawn till sunset Muslims refrain from eating food, drinking liquids, smoking and engaging in naughtiness haha!  We eat food after sunset and just before dawn.
During Ramadan I try to read Quran more and offer more prayers (salah) Ramadan is very relaxing for me and is one of my favorite times of the year.
Ramadan is only done by healthy adult Muslims! and children, people with illness, pregnant, breastfeeding or menstruation are exempt from fasting. They is other exceptions too, you can find out more about the month of Ramadan over at

How me and my husband are preparing 
I still can't believe its only next week but I am trying to sort everything out ready such as food and meal plans and so on. I find it best getting completely ready for Ramadan a few days before and it worked out really well for me last year. I am making meal plans up for the family so I will cook once a day and have meals ready prepared for my kids during the day and I will have mine and my husband already made for night time (Suhoor)&(Iftar)

I have wrote a meal plan out for opening the fast, the main meal and a meal to have before sunrise and I will have a separate post about that very soon. I am going to bulk buy things like rice, lentils and things like that so it reduces the amount of times I need to go shopping during Ramadan so we can save as much energy as possible without running around Tesco when the weather is so hot!

Prayers (Salat)During Ramadan we observe our usual 5 prayers a day but its also a time where we offer more prayers seeing as Ramadan is the most blessed month of the year.

Zakat (Charity)
Charity is very important for Muslims and its even one of the pillars of Islam, so yes very important. Zakat is 2.5% of how much is earned, wealth and belongings. Zakat helps charities from all around the world. The minimum given is 2.5% if a person can afford it and a person can also give more if they can afford too.

This is just a basic outline of Ramadan and they is much more about it online!

6 Days till Ramadan

Melissa x
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  1. Thank you for sharing this, I learnt a lot.
    It is interesting to know the origins of this festival and what it entails before hand in preparation, and during, and I understand how it could be relaxing.
    The fasting wouldn't bother me, but no water would floor me :-(
    I'm very glad I read this, thank you,
    Sarah x