Sunday, 31 May 2015

Weekly Summary

Our week in Pictures
I baked a lemon cake and made some cupcakes for my children to decorate. When I bake my children look to help so I let them help me put ingredients in the bowl and of course they decorate the cupcakes, I know its messy but its worth it as they love it and enjoy them more as they made them, themselves.

I have changed my diet to add more fruits and vegetables, I am not saying I didn't eat enough  before but I just added more variety of fruits and vegetables into my diet. I have bought more varieties of fruits and vegetables so its a great way for my family to try new foods. My family love fruits with their breakfast every morning so I just added more then usual haha.
We went for our first meal out in Glasgow after being here now for just over a month. We treated the family to a nice meal out in Pizza hut we all enjoyed the food and the kids had plenty to do with the colouring books and crayons.

We visited my mum in my old hometown and in town they was tractors! My son loved seeing all the tractors and my mums dog an Airedale terrier really wanted to be in the photos too.
We all went to Primark for the first time in months so I had my fingers crossed I would find some lovely pajamas and thankfully primark didn't let me down and I treated myself to this lovely pj set! I bought some other stuff for my husband and my kids too.

I made a lemon cake, a recipe my nana taught me how to make me when I was 14 so over 10 years ago. Its still a favorite in my house, especially by husband. Check out my Simple Lemon cake recipe here!

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