Friday, 15 May 2015

Kale and berry smoothie recipe

A day doesn't go by without using my nutribullet, I'm just so in love with making differeng smoothies everyday that I can't forget to get a refreshing mix of fresh or frozen fruit or vegatables and best of all easy to make any time of the day.
My husband works for a delivery company and works long hours, so I like to make sure he's had a smoothie that's full of energy boosting properties and you can go wrong with this kale and berry smoothie!


  • Handful of kale

  • 1 Banana

  • 5 strawberries

  • 6 raspberries

  • 8 blueberries

  • Half a cup of coconut water

  • Method

    1. Wash all of the ingredients

    2. Chop all the fruit so they all fit in the smoothie maker. I use the nutribullet.

    3. Blend until smooth, I put the smoothie maker on for at least 1 minutes so all the ingredients are nice and smooth.

    4. Enjoy!

    5. Till next time

      Melissa x
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