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My Everyday Skincare Routine

Hi lovelies 
Before blogging I must admit I didn't usually care about skincare at all and sometimes I even forgot to take my makeup at night, but that has changed so much since blogging as I read into the benefits of skincare such as moisurers and eyecreams then it dawned on me what my nana used to always tell me about the importance of looking after my skincare and after a long think I realized the importance of caring for my skin  and that is when I thought of which products to use and their benefits. After nearly a year I can say I am comfortable with my skincare and have a great routine and I can really see its helped my skin.

Steps I take everyday
Day Time Routine.
  1. When I wake up in the morning the first thing I do is do my wudu which washes my face and wakes me up and refreshes me for the start of the day everyday.
  2. I then cleanse my skin with Dr Jart cleansing foam which removes all makeup if any is left on my skin and and any other impurities on my skin. I massage it all over my face and then leave it on my face for around 3-5 minutes then wash it off with warm water.
  3. Then I apply Superdrug Vitamin E Moisturizer which is rich in natural vitamin E, high in antioxidants and defends against environmental damage. I apply this all over my face which is a lightly scented mosituriser to my face and then apply my makeup for the day.

Night time Routine.
  1. Just before I go to bed at night I take  my makeup off with B. Pure Micellar Water which takes off my makeup with ease while at the same time it tones the skin and leaves my skin feeling refreshed.
  2. I then add about 5 drops of ESPA Optimal Skin Proserum onto my fore, checks, chin and neck and massage into my skin until its absorbed into the skin. This serum benefits from Omega 3,6 and 9 with added vitamin A and E, all these together with over natural ingredients it helps brighten my skin and makes me feel wonderful.
  3. After that I use Superdrug Naturally radiant eyecream which I apply under my eyes gently in a circular motion. I use eye cream for helping to reduce my dark circles and my eye area more energized and I can see a massive reduction of my dark circles  and I couldn't be with my eye creams now haha.
  4. My final step for my face is applying Superdrug Vitamin E Leave on mask which helps against premature skin ageing and is full of vitamins A,B,H and F which helps to help for dry skin which is a massive benefit for myself.
Another thing I usually do everyday is apply YesNurse Handcream every morning and every night before I go to bed as this cream helps keep my hands soft stops them getting dry. This cream benefits from vitamins and omegas in this cream.

My skincare routine works wonderfully on me and my skin is combination skin and can be quite sensitive at times. It took me a while to see what worked for my skin but after testing a few products for a few months and they work best on my skin type. For now these have to be my favorites as they all do their jobs wonderfully and make my skin feel soft and make my skin look so much brighter. 

What is your skincare regime?

Melissa Zia x

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  Melissa Zia 
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