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The Vegan Kind March Review

March the vegan kind review
Every time its the 1st of every month I just get so excited as I just love it when I get my Vegan Kind Box! Its my all time favorite subscription box as it have all vegan products and everything in the box is cruelty free and most of all its the perfect way for me to find new vegan products such as new foods, beauty, household and many other items too.

The Vegan Kind is the first Vegan subscription box in the UK and wow haven't they done well! They deliver amazing vegan products every month, have a recipe and donate part of the sale of the box to charity, this months charity is The Trusty Paws Clinic which is a charity in my home town Glasgow that helps offer free treatments and food/blankets to homeless dogs in Glasgow.

The vegan kind march review
Inside this months box 

One of favorite drinks is chai latte so I was so excited to get this in this months box. Rebel kitchen are on a cause nutritious food delicious and help reduce against refined sugars flooding the markets and help bring it healthier. This has the most simple ingredients of water, coconut milk, date nectar, cinnamon, turmeric and cardamon so it has no hidden nasties such as additives or preservatives. I put this in the fridge and drank this cold and wow it was wonderful and can't wait to buy more, it was very refreshing and the perfect blend of spice.

When I grew up wagon wheels were one of my favorite treats and I was quite disappointed when I found out they aren't even vegetarian let alone vegan, so when I seen this it made me happy to know they is an alternative! This Round up is Gelatine free and is two soft baked biscuits combined with marshmallow, with strawberry jam and the best part covered in Belgian dark chocolate. I couldn't resist this treat and I ended up eating this with my husband the day I got his box and it was so delicious the perfect treat!

I am always looking for the perfect guilt free snack and I think I have found them in these crisps as they are gluten free and have no additives, no preservatives, no added sugars and no e numbers. I had these on yogurt and the combination is just lovely, they also have other flavour's in  crunchy apple and crunchy pineapple.

I just love savory snacks and these look fabulous. These are gluten free made with gluten free oats with a pinch of sea salt and can eaten on their own or combined with chocolate spread, peanut butter, hummus and so many other options too. I ate these with hummus and vegan cheese and they just tasted gorgeous.

The VeganKind Tote Bag (RRP £3.00)
I just love tote bags as they are very handy to have, I have used mine already to carry my shopping and it does a wonderful job and looks amazing at the same time. This bag is made from 100% cotton and are perfect for shopping and are great for sending a message out about being Vegan too. The bag will be available on the vegankind shop very soon.

The Vegan Kind subscription box is available on their website for £10 a month plus P&P. Check out the the lifestyle box and the beauty box on The Vegan Kind Here! 

What is your favorite subscription box?

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