Saturday, 7 March 2015

Sugarpill swatches and review

sugarpill eyeshadows and swatches
  I just love super bright shadows and it was only a matter of time till I tried Sugarpill eyeshadows as I follow the brand on social media and see how well the makeup works. I have admired sugarpill shadows for a while and decided to treat myself to see for myself what the brand would be like for myself and give me own opinion on the brand.

Sugarpill is a cruelty free makeup company and everything is either vegan or vegetarian, but the shadow choices I chose are all vegan and they have quite a lot on the website to offer that are vegan including their gorgeous makeup brushes which I hope to get in the near future as you can't have to many makeup brushes, I am sure I have more brushes then Picasso now haha,
Sugarpill eyeshadows and swatches
  • Cruelty Free Brand
  • Everything is mostly Vegan and everything else is Vegetarian
  • Sugarpill has a selection of bright eyeshadows, false lashes and makeup brushes
  • Founded by Shrinkle
  • Very pigmented shades that are quite unique

sugarpill eyeshadows
 So what did I choose?

Sugarpill - Birthday Girl Loose Eyeshadow
This a such a Princess pink shade with fuchsia sparkles infused, the blend is so sparkly and very pigmented that I was very surprised as its quite different from most eyeshadows I have tried before, this shade looks so beautiful on its own or blended with other shadows and has such amazing staying power while looking flawless all day too. Applying this was simple and did not have a lot of fallout so this will last for ages for sure.

Sugarpill - Absinthe Loose Eyeshadow
Absinthe is a very bright green that stand out from all other bright green shadows that I have seen before, it reminds me a lot of lime jelly and a cardigan my nana made for me a few years ago which was exactly the same shade as this. This shadow is perfect on its own or can be blended with ease with other shadows, applying this shadow is just like birthday girl quick and simple with amazing colour all day!

Sugarpill - Starling Loose Shadow 
Starling is a like a sea blue with plenty of sparkles in the blend too. I have had this shadow since my birthday and I can't seem to find it on the sugarpill website anymore but it might be eBay. This shade is such a perfect blue that I would wear any day of the week and is a dream with the sheer quality and look when it on your eyes, I love to blend this with absinthe they go so well together.

sugarpill swatches
Would I buy them again??

Defiantly !! I just love the brand Sugarpill and what it stands for being cruelty free and only offering  cruelty free, vegan and vegetarian options. Its a breathe of fresh air to see a company stand its ground against animal testing and sugarpill sure do stand up for animals as you can see from the about page. The shadows themselves are so beautiful that I already have a wishlist made up of what else I want in the future but in an ideal world I would just buy them all because its not easy just choosing  a few. Even though these are loose shadows and sometimes have a little fallout they just achieve that unique flawless look effortlessly, so it has not put me off the brand whatsoever, as they offer pressed shadows too so I might try them next time too.

Have your tried Sugarpill Makeup???
Melissa x

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  1. <3 omg I need to add these little beauties to my collection! Love the colours, the brighter the better for me xx

  2. Those colours are perfect for spring! Love them all. And I love that they are vegan/vegetarian too.

  3. I've never tried any sugarpill cosmetics, but from what I've heard and read about them they seem like such a good company - and their collections are stunning! Lovely swatches :)

    little miss fii || Fii x

  4. I always see this brand pop up on Instagram! I need to learn some eyeshadow skills before buying them though xx

    Through New Eyes x