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Lush Ultraviolet Bubble Bar Review

Lush Ultraviolet Bubble bar review
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When I seen Lush's Mothers Day collection I was literally jumping for joy! the collection looks so bright and cheerful I just had to have everything in the range but for me this stood out from the rest as its massive and its such a gorgeous blend of purples and blues, it just looks fabulous and dark I say it one of the nicest looking bubble bars I have seen in Lush yet!

Ultraviolet  is everything I love in a bubble bar! Firstly because of its sheer size compared to over bubble bars in lush, this can be split into 3-4 pieces so its a good value for money and secondly its gorgeous rainbow style of purples, greens and blues. Finally the the fragrance and this is probaly the best thing about this bubble bar, its scent is very different to other lush bath products and for me the scent is almost like my favorite sweets parma violets!

Lush Ultraviolet Bubble bar review
This bubble bar is made with a combination of Violet leaf, rosewood, ylang ylang and jasmine which is the most beautiful combination that lush have made in my opinion the blend smells so fresh and natural and you can really smell the violet which is good as it goes with the name of this bubble bar. The scent of this bar is beautiful and is a very sweet smell as I said exactly like parma violets 

This bubble bar is huge so its great for a 3-4 baths so its  great for its price, breaking it into 4 sections was simple too and it didn't crumble thankfully. I put this in running water and as soon as I did that the aroma just made my bathroom smell like violets. This  crumbles when the water runs on it and took about 2 minutes to fill the whole bath with bubbles and the water a nice lavender colour. For me I find this very nourishing and left my skin feeling soft and the fragrance lasted till the next day . 

Lush Ultraviolet bubble bar review
What can I say? I just love this bubble bar! it looks fabulous and smells so beautiful with its blend of jasmine and violet. Ultraviolet is part of the mothers day collection but thankfully its still available online and costs £4.75 (not sure about in store I will have a look soon). This is my new favorite bubble bar as its got the most beautiful fragrance that lasts and so many bubbles! I just love its fresh fragrance so perfect for the Spring

2015 Mother's Day Collection
Bubble Bar
£4.75 each

What is your favorite Lush bubble bar?
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