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Interview with the real Rain Man

Hi Lovelies!
I would like to introduce you all to my brother Paul Major! My brother Paul is 31 years old and he has aspergers syndrome. Paul has had a difficult time growing up  and struggled with bullies and fitting in with people as people can only see Paul, what he is like on the outside but don't realise he is disabled or if they did they made him feel worse about himself.  My brother has my mum as a full time carer and she has been amazing looking after my brother, I myself try my best to look after my brother as he loves being with his family. 

Paul has many talents and realised them at an early age, one being is having a mind like a calender, My brother can tell anyone what day they were born on just from them saying their date of birth and  he can tell you the answer in lightning speed. He can also remember exactly what date he bought his badges and he has nearly 7000 of them which is just incredible. If those talents weren't enough he can also tell you what was number one  at any time in which the charts started.

Paul was in the News & Star in November 2014

Interview with Paul Major

How are you today? I am great thank you 

When did you realise you had your talents? When I was about 9, when I found an old calender in an old suitcase and I looked at it and thought to myself I can work out the dates on this. I have been brought up with music and have looked up the charts and everything from their I have just remembered.

How did you learn your talents? I have many ways the first being the calender and working out dates like a mathematician would work out maths and with music I looked at the chart books and I have just remembered from then on.

What are your hobbies? Badge collecting, CD collecting and seeing my girlfriend at the bowling and at the disco.

What are your favorite ways to showcase your talents? I love impressing people with my knowledge and being cool.

Do you have future plans for your talents?  I hopefully would like to show them on the TV and just carry on enjoy doing them.

I would love people to remember my brother has been wanting to show people his talents for a long time and he just wants people to like the work as he loves doing it and has done this for such a long time now. Paul would like people to know that a disability does not mean its ok to bully and we against bullying full stop! we hope to end disability hate crime as hes gone through a lot of it through the years.

Thanks for reading ♥

Melissa x 

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