Saturday, 28 February 2015

March Wishlist


To me this Winter has lasted far to long, I am really ready for the warmer weather now, go away cold weather I want some sunshine for a change please!! March is so close to Spring with all the daffodils and snowdrops its hard not to think of the warmer weather and what to wear and wish for in the spring months so I hope you enjoy my March wishlist.

I just love quirky items and you can't get anymore quirky then a banana purse! how cute does it look, people will think wow shes carrying bananas around she must be super healthy! but little would anyone know I would be carrying chocolate haha!!

I know the price of these are super steep but can we just take a second and admire how gorgeous these shoes actually are!! If I get a job in the next few weeks I really would love to buy these and add them to my collection of shoes but till then they can stay on my wishlist.

I have wanted this palette for months now but I haven't had the power to spend £38 on this just yet even though I am so tempted to buy this because its gorgeous, it will have to wait  till I eventually buy this which is hopefully soon because I think I would suit these vibrant shades.

I have a small addiction to candles but I mostly buy yankee candles to buying this candle would make a change for me. The name and design of the candle has tempted me very much to buy this as I just love flamingos!

I just love cats and I have 2 Salem and Kitty, so it would just be right to have a cat print pyjama set as I would say I am a cat lady. I love the design of these and I have never tried pyjamas from topshop before so this would be a first.

I know this wishlist is a bit of a mixture but I just love it that way, I never want a set subject every month it keeps changing all the time but these are just me in every way. I really hope I get a job soon but I have had some news on the job front and had a job interview the other day so you never know. so till next time bye lovelies!!

What is on your March wishlist?

Melissa x

Thanks for reading ♥ 

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  1. Fun mix! I love the sound of those candles!

  2. great little wishlist! love the pyjamas set x

  3. Flamingo Candles are just so lovely, I seem to have a collection of them!

    Annabel ♥
    Mascara & Maltesers

  4. Everyone is raving about those flamingo candles. I think I need to jump on that bandwagon! x

  5. I think I'm late to the party on this but I would really like Urban Decay Naked Palette. I did get it last year from Ebay and yes you guessed it. It's an imitation I do use it though as some of the colours are really nice and are very close in colour to the Urban Decay Naked Palette. I was very disapointed when I realised that it was a fake as it wasn't cheap. oh well at least i now know not to buy make up like this again from ebay.
    If I had the money I would definitely buy this and do a comparison video on my you tube channel to show you how different the colours are.
    I also like the Lorac Pro palettes but you can't get them in the UK but Make-Up Revolution have come out with a dupe at a fraction of the price. AMAZING!!!!