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Lush's Toothy Tabs || Breath Of God

lush's breath of god toothy tabs
Every time I have went  to Lush in the past I have always bought stuff that is either for the bath or for my hair until one day I decided to step away from the bubble bars and to have a look at other products and that's when I found out about toothy tabs

- Quirky design- for me they are so much more different  than other tooth pastes I think it gives this an advantage and makes it stand out as a new way of brushing teeth.
- 7 flavours to choose from with equally brilliant names such as chou chou I love you and sparkle.
- Less waste - This box is very easily recycled and that means less rubbish in a land fill.
Affordable - even though a bit more expensive then commercial toothpastes this is still a great price at £2.50
Texture and Taste
For me it took a bit of getting used to as I am so used to putting tooth paste onto my toothbrush its hard to start chewing a toothy tab but eventually it got easier and now I am 100% used to the idea of using the toothy tabs. Breath of God has sandalwood, fair trade fennel powder and fair trade vanilla powder and for myself personally I don't think that combination goes particularly well but saying that it was very bearable and left my teeth feeling squeaky clean.

Even though the taste wasn't to my liking I do still love toothy tabs as they are very different from whats on the market now and they really work wonders on cleaning teeth. I am pleased with the toothy tabs and will continue to use them because they go beyond expectation and do a wonderful job at keeping my teeth clean. I think a good bonus of these is they have so much less waste than other toothpastes and that means better for the environment, as not only is this box recycled it can be recyled too so they is 0 waste as all which is just great.

Have you ever tried Lush's Toothy Tabs before?

Vintage Melissa x

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  1. I've been thinking about trying the toothy tabs for ages, but haven't had the balls for it, maybe I'll give them a go.

  2. I think these are a fab idea, I just couldn't switch from a tube unless I knew the taste was exactly the same as my beloved Colgate haha!! :)

    Kat |

  3. Never tried them, but think they would be great when traveling light.


  4. Oh wow, that's a good travel purchase!


  5. Interesting. I never used the toothy tabs! Much love, Sjoukje

  6. I have wanted to try these for a while but can imagine they do take a lot of getting used to, I like the sound of them for the price though and will pick them up when I am in brighton xxx

    Blonde Of Carbs

  7. I've tried the toothy tabs and think they are fab! Although the ones I bought didn't taste too great, they left my teeth looking so sparkly. Great review. x

  8. Interesting! I've seen them on the website but never thought much of them! Will definitely have to try them now!


  9. Am I right in thinking that you don't use a brush with these? Or do you chew them and then brush? xx


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