Sunday, 22 February 2015

Bourjois Bronzer & Highlighter

bourjois bronzer and highlighter

I don't usually buy bronzers as I mostly a fan of blushers especially pink shades so this is definatley something different to add to my collection, the main reason I wanted a bronzer  is to achieve a contoured look effortlessly so I took myself off to my local boots to see what I could find and give a try and give my own verdict.
 I ended up buying the bourjois bronzer and highlighter as the price was pretty affordable at £7.99. this duo is a set of a bronzer and a  highlighter set in a palette similar to the boujois chocolate bronzer which I have tried before and it was beautiful.

bourjois bronzer and highlighter
  • Duo of a highlighter and bronzer
  • Helps achieve a contoured look
  • Affordable at £7.99
  • Handy palette (easy to carry in handbag and travel)
  • Cruelty free 

 Finish and Lasting power 
I applied this with with my real techniques blush brush, firstly I applied the bronzer diagonally on my jaw bone and just above that I used a  highlighter a long my cheeks to achieve a simple contoured look. The bronzer is a very subtle shade and gives a beautiful sun kissed glow and looks like a perfect to wear in the summer and the highlighter teams up very well with the bronzer and gives a subtle contour.

I really like this bronzer and its really nice for everyday wear all year round and  even more in the summer months. The price of this is very affordable so I am happy at the price I paid for this as it does the job for me and it couldn't do any more or less to make me any happier to be honest. I would recommend this to anyone who want a simple and quick contour, I think its great for people with not a lot of time to apply makeup like myself.

What is your favorite bronzer?

Melissa x 

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  1. This is a must have Bronzer, I love mine, I might have to go pick this one up as I only have the chocolate bronze, Also love the look you have created, Just stunning x

  2. I love this - it's really similar to the Nars Olympia palette, too - only a considerable amount cheaper!

    Sammy xo.

  3. I recently got this bronzer for my birthday as I had wanted to try the Bourjois Chocolate Bronzer for awhile but hadn't got around to buying it. I saw this one with the hilighter and thought I would try this one instead. Before I started using this I was currently using too faced milk chocolate from my Too Faced Chocolate Bar Palette. This is a brilliant colour for a bronzer and I believe it's the one that Too Faced sell in their collection as a bronzer. I wanted to try it out before I contemplated making such an extravagant purchase. I would definitely consider it for a future purchase