Sunday, 15 February 2015

Best of Makeup Revolution

Best of Makeup Revolution

I just had to write this post as I have been collecting Makeup Revolution Makeup for a few months I thought it was the perfect time to share my favorites from this beautiful and affordable brand. I first heard about Makeup Revolution after finding out about the brand on other beauty blogs, I must admit I was a bit reluctant at first to try the brand but I am so glad I bought a haul of products to give the brand a fair review and actually have a insight on how well the makeup works.

Makeup Revolution  was brought out last year and ever since then the popularity and the growth of the brand is massive. They offer a wide a range of makeup from foundations to nail polishes and with prices starting at a £1 they are an absolute steal for the quality of the product. My favorite thing they sell has to be the eye shadows as they are about £6 and have loads of shades in the palette.

My Top 5 Makeup Revolution Makeup

Sugar and Spice Palette I just love this palette as it has a gorgeous choice of blushers and 2 highlighters to choose from too! they is one for nearly every day of the week. They are very pigmented and long lasting and go so well with the highlighters that are included in this palette.

Colour Choas Palette I am quite a fan of bright eye shadows and I have always wanted the urban decay electric palette  but I just thought it was a bit expensive at nearly £40! so I think the makeup revolution colour chaos palette is the perfect dupe and has beautifully pigmented shades.

Blushing Hearts Blusher  I just love the look of this blusher and reminds me a lot of Too Faced heart shaped blusher but of course for a fraction of the price at only £4.99. This blusher is so long lasting and is an icy pink which goes so well with so many makeup looks.

Golden Lights Highlighter Every time I use a blusher I always finish off the blusher by applying highlight just above the jaw bone and it gives a subtle contoured look effortlessly. The look of the highlighter is kinda like a subtle sparkle effect.

Lipstick in Depraved  I never knew I would ever like a purple lipstick but ever since using this lipstick I just love it and its been my favorite lipstick from makeup revolution so far!

What are favorites from Makeup Revolution?

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