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Models Own - Toxic Apple - Ice Neon

I am such a hoarder of nail polishes that when I buy them I always end up buying more then one and end up buying at least 3 at a time as they is always offers on and I end up buying more haha. So thankfully nail polishes are easy to store and I can put them easily away to store, my collection keeps growing and I never have a firm favorite shade I just like collecting a vast rainbow of skittles that they all look like a nice bag of star bursts.

Models Own have a huge selection of nail polishes to choose from that its impossible to choose your favorite in a hurry, and at the moment they have a sale on where everything on the site is half price so after this blog post I will probably ending up buying more to add to my collection.

I don't usually buy neon shades but I just fell in love when I seen Models Own - Toxic Apple as the shade of green reminds me of the summer months and its perfect for Halloween or just to stand out too. Toxic Apple took about 4 applications to get this opaque and even then it wasn't perfect unfornatly but I really love the shade so its just a shame it takes so many applications as its formula was quite thin and it was quite tricky to apply too. 

Even though this nail polish didn't work out with me I really still love the brand as they are a cruelty free brand and quite a lot of things on their site are vegan too and clearly listed as so too. Apart from this nail polish all other Models Own Nail polishes have been great.

V = Vegan
CF - Cruelty Free

Have you tried Models Own Nail polish before?

Melissa x

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  1. Great shade and great name but it sounds like a lot of effort!

  2. Wow that shaw is awesome! Worth th hardwork? Love the product name too.
    Jen x

  3. just come over to have a look, and omg loving the colour of the nail polish is just divine, loving the look of your blog to very fresh and stylish , keep up the wonderful blog.

  4. Amazing shade but I would never have the patience to coat my nails 5 times!

    C xx


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