Tuesday, 13 January 2015

Lush - Dashing Santa

lush dashing santa ballistic
With only 345 days till Christmas, I decided to use 'Dashing Santa Ballistic' in which I got in my Boxing Daul Haul. I wish I got more in the sales as I have used most of what I bought but saying that I am looking forward to Lush's Valentines collection especially prince charming and of course unicorn horn.

Dashing Santa is quite quirky looking and looks like he going ice ice skating after a few to many mulled wines. The scent of this is quite different than what you would expect as I was expecting a spicy scent like cinnamon but it has a much fresher scent which is bergamont, mandarin oil and and orange zest, so this is perfect if your a fan of a citrus scent.  
lush dashing santa
With a name like 'dashing Santa' you would expect that it would dissolve quickly but no! it took nearly 10 minutes for it to dissolve but it didn't really matter really as it takes my bath ages to fill up. Although not the strongest scented bath ballistic at lush I really like the scent as its zesty and quite refreshing but I wouldn't say its my favorite from lush but its still fantastic and I am looking forward to Lush's 2015 Christmas collection but until then they is always lush's valentines collection yay!!

What is your favorite Lush Product?

Melissa x

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  1. I absolutely love fresh, zesty fragrances in general so this sounds lovely! I don't have a bath to try it out but think it would make a nice foot bath xxx

    Blonde Of Carbs

  2. I haven't used a bath bomb from Lush for ages as I had some from Bomb Cosmetics and they were gorgeous.


  3. Lush have such great sales after Christmas :-) This bath bomb looks great- it's one I never tried :-(
    Laura | A Life With Frills