Tuesday, 6 January 2015

Getting fit for 2015

Getting fit for 2015

Over 2014 I motivated myself to loose weight and actually achieved quite a lot of weight loss and lost 2 stone, but unfortnatley due to no fault but my own by eating a bit to much and not exercising enough,I have gained nearly a stone back since August. I feel not as fit as I used to be and really I am going to be changing that from now on with healthier food choices and stopping eating as much junk food and of course exercising more is a the biggest one for me but I shall be sharing my journey here on my blog and I really hope I keep the motivation.

I have started this journey today by jogging and have jogged with my husband for a mile and to be honest I feel fantastic and I can't wait to do more such are exercise classes and at home exercises too. My everyday goal is to at least to have walked 10,000 steps and hopefully more depending on weather and how much time I have.

As for food I am not going to restrict what I eat but swapping things instead such as chocolate have fruit and as for ice cream have a yogurt. My diet before this was just eat what I want but I don't realise or care about the calories till after so now I am going to be thinking before I eat and actually  think am I even hungry because they has been times I ate and I am not even hungry. 

The start of my journey ...
I am 10 stone 8 pounds and I am 5'2, I have gained a stone since August and a lot of my clothes are not fitting me well at all so I hope to fit them again by the Spring.
I am not sure on my measurements but I will update this soon. I will be posting about my fitness weekly and I hope you follow me on my fitness journey.

Melissa x

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  1. My goal is to lose the weight I gained from taking birth control this year! I hate what it did to my body and so hopefully we can take this journey together and lose some weight and improve our lifestyles!

  2. Amazing job on your previous weight loss! I definitely feel like I slipped back into old habits in Autumn/Winter as well in terms of comfort food. I think like you say not restricting yourself is the best way to go. Healthy swaps are great :) I also like to think of my diet as 'adding' lots of yummy, healthy foods in rather than focusing on everything I 'have to' avoid

    Kat x

  3. I decided to commit myself to a healthy lifestyle, not just a diet. I love how you committed yourself as well:)

    Go Prada Yourself.

  4. Fabulous lovely such a great goal! I am healthy eating and running at the moment too <3 xx

    Blonde Of Carbs

  5. Amazing job on loosing weight before :) I'm trying to drop at least 2 stone but it's ridiculously hard due to bad habits (junk food) x


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