Wednesday, 21 January 2015

5 Lipsticks For £5

5 Lipsticks for £5
Don't get me wrong I love MAC lipsticks and all the premium brands but sometimes its just lovely to get an affordable brand and finding out they are just amazing! This happened to me a few months back when I first discovered the brand Makeup Revolution. I first discovered the brand by seeing it on a few blogs and it took me a while to finally buy it for myself and I haven't looked back since, I now own so much from Makeup Revolution its fair to say its the second most brand I have in my makeup drawer.

For me lipstick is main thing in my makeup routine as I don't tend to wear bright eye shadows  I prefer natural shades with eyeliner but with the lipsticks I prefer them bright, its kinda like part of my identity in a way, I know it sounds silly but it is just part of my personality.

These 5 lipsticks are my absolute favorite from Makeup Revolution and for just £5 they are such a bargain. The first is Depraved which a vibrant purple shade which goes so well with everything I just love it, then its Lady which is a darker shade of red which reminds me a of lipstick that Dita Von Teese would wear! next to that its Reckless which is a very bright red that is just so classy, then we have the Enchant which is a light pink shade that is a lovely summer shade and last but not least we have the Dare which is another Classy red shade I just love red so I have to have 3 in this selection.

Don't they all look fabulous and its hard to believe that they only cost £1 each? for that price you could own the entire collection for well under £50 which is amazing since most lipsticks on the market are way over £6 or if your after a premium brand they can cost well over £10!! The case for the lipsticks may not look as good as the more expensive lipsticks but it really doesn't matter as the lipstick itself shows you itself how well it works as they are very pigmented and they last for a few hours without reapplication which is fabulous.

For just £1 I will be buying more of Makeup Revolutions lipsticks as well as more of their cosmetics but for me the lipsticks are my favorite as they have a nice selection of shades that you usually don't find on the high street but would more likely find at Lime crime. I am also training to be a makeup artist so getting more of this brand is going to be so helpful to me so I have more makeup to choose from and can practise more with different makeup looks.

What is your favorite Lipstick?

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  1. I do love MAC but yeah the prices are wow. I've never tried this brand but I do love that gorgeous lilac color.

  2. These are so pretty, can't believe they are £1!!

  3. I love the purple shade- it looks great on you; but i'm not brave enough to try it :-(
    Laura | A Life With Frills