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Simple Candy Cane Nail Tutorial

With Christmas just around the corner and not much time left to do the Christmas shopping I thought of a simple solution for myself and others to have Christmas themed nails in a simple and effective way with nail polishes that I own, all you need is a white, red nail polish and a top coat.

I am no professional when it comes to nail art but I always like to get a nice nail polish on with a simple design. I just love changing my nail shade every few days as I have so many to choose from its great to have a different look every other day, well in my case anyways, I am so used to it now anyways, my husband hasn't seen my plain nails in ages haha.

Step 1 - Apply a thin layer of base coat, I used barry M base coat.
Step 2 - When the top coat has dried apply 2 layers of white nail polish, making sure to wait between each layer so the nail polish has a chance to dry, I used models own snow white.
Step 3 - Once both layers have dried get a red polish and start from the bottom of the nail and drag diagonally up the nail, and do the same again to make another line.
Step 4 - Once every step is complete apply a top coat so that the nails look more glossy and the nail polish lasts that extra bit longer.

What nail polish are you wearing for Christmas?
Melissa x
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  1. Cute!

    C xx

  2. These are really cute and they don't seem too hard to do!


  3. If I tried this, I'd end up with nail polish all over my hands and clumped up on my nails haha. Thanks for sharing the idea, though :)


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