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November Empties

November Empties
I know it sounds like I say this every month but were on earth did November go? It must of been the fastest month of the year yet for me  and I can't believe its actually December now and its not long to go now until Christmas and dare I say it 2015 a brand new year.

I have not had many empties posts this year as I end up throwing out most of the empty products out  before I even get a chance to take a picture haha but the lucky thing is this time I finished these 4 products at roughly the same time so it worked out well for making a November empties post.

I got this a few months back in a birchbox and my husband mostly used it as he ran out of beard oil and he also used it on his hair, I used it too. Divine oil is blend of grape, hibiscus, seasame and argan oils blended together with antioxidants it can be used for hair, nails, skin and can be used in the bath or as a massage oil, so its a very vesratile oil. I personally liked this oil but I really could get along with the smell unfortunatley as its scent was a bit overpowering for myself and my husband too.
Buy again? No

Bleach London is a fairly new brand which has become available in boots, I was tempted to try something from the range and I ended up choosing the hair serum as my hair has been more colours then the rainbow over the years so I wanted something to help keep my hair smooth and washing and to use for pre styling. I really loved this and it worked wonders on my hair and would recommend it to anyone with split ends or has changed their hair colour a lot. The only small downfall with this product is that to much comes out the pump with just one pump.
Buy again? Yes 

Finding a foundation that matches my skin tone can be a challenge for me sometimes but the healthy mix foundation has a decent selection to choose from and I chose light vanilla which is perfect for my complexion. The product claims to last and be radiant for 16 hours as it has a mixture of melon, apple and apricot which does give it a beautiful scent but not overpowering at all. The product claims about lasting 16 hours maybe a is bit exaggerated and I would say personally it lasted a good 10 and it did make my skin look more radiant so that is fantastic.
Buy again? Yes 

I am always changing my hairstyles everyday for victory rolls to big hair don't care kinda look so I need a hairspray that will last all day and will hold my hairstyles with no flyways. unfortnatley this hair spray wasn't brilliant for me and had little to no holding power for me, I had to get an other hairspray, thankfully this was only the smaller bottle of hairspray.
Buy again? No 

What have you used up last November?

Melissa x

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