Friday, 26 December 2014

Lush Haul

Last year I missed out on the Lush Boxing day sale in store and online as I was not quick enough and it sold out so quickly unfortnatley. So I was adamant this year I would be going to my local lush store even if it meant a long wait in a queue and try my best to get a bargain. 

I was at my local Lush store as soon as it opened and it was extremely busy as soon as I set foot in the door but I was determined to get a few things. The store was so busy I could barely move but after a few excuse mes and moving around like tetris I managed to get a few amazing beauties. After I put everything in my basket I thought it would be plain sailing but the queue was so long but it was worth the wait as everything from the Christmas range was 50% off.

Luxury Lush Pud - £1.75 on sale
 I had this last year but this year it was a vibrant pink instead of purple. Luxury lush pud is perfect before bedtime as it contains lavender oils combined with ylang ylang and tonka to help make you relax after a long day, so I am looking forward to having this after a long day.

Lord Of The Misrule - Not available anymore :(
Another favorite that I had tried last year. Lord of the misrule is a blend of spices patchouli and black pepper oil which is perfect for the festive season leading up to the new year and whats more this has a surprise as it contains popping candy.

Shoot For The Stars - On sale at £1.75 
I think I just bought this because I just love the design that it has on it. Shoot for the stars has the same scent as the soap that is in shops/online all year round honey I washed the kids which is a combination of a honey and caramel scent. 

Candy Mountain Bubble Bar - Unavailable
My sister got me this for Christmas thankfully, just as well because when I went to the shop they were already sold old and I can see why. Candy Mountain is a cotton candy scent which is like the popular soap rock star which is one of my favorite Lush soaps.

Butterbear - Unavailable :(
This is from Lush's all year round favorite butterball which has been transformed into a teddy just for the holiday season which is fantastic. Butterbear has a generous amount of cocoa butter to help keep skin soft with its blend of vanilla and ylang ylang.

Dashing Santa - On sale £1.47
I could not resist to get this as its perfect for the festive season even though Christmas day has past it still keeps the holiday cheer until the new year. Dashing Santa is a blend of mandarin oil, bergamot oil and orange flower to help get the spring in your step.

Snow Fairy Shower Gel - Unavailable
These were literally flying off the shelves to its the first thing I put in my basket I was lucky as I got the last medium sized one  and it was not long before the rest were snapped up. Snow fairy is a blend of cotton candy. This is also available in the magic wand and the godmother soap.

Overall I am very pleased with my boxing day sale haul and got so much more then I expected to get but then again can you really have to much Lush in your life?

Did you get anything in the Lush sale?

Melissa x 

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  1. I paid full price last year and past on Boxing Day and everything was half price. I went today as I didn't want to pay full price again, only it was normal range. I still ended up spending £22. I went home then ended up paying the sales stuff online, but have to pay £4 postage

    1. shame about the expensive postage, lush is worth it though :)

  2. Great buys, I used to buy Snow Fairy every year but I can't use Lush now with it being too harsh on my skin *sobs*

    Hugs Michelle ||

  3. Oh I do love lush - picked up the butter bear for my son for his stocking - smells so good

    Laura x

  4. I'm gutted all I got was errors when trying to buy online :( Next I must save enough so I can head out and go crazy in the boxing day sales instead x

    1. O that's a shame, that is a reason I went out this boxing day as usually it sells out quickly online :(

  5. Gotta love Lush! candy Mountain is a beauty xx


  6. Nice picks. I couldn't brave the shops on boxing day i'd curl up in a ball on the floor! Lol xx