Monday, 29 December 2014

Goals For 2015

Instead of doing a New Years resolution post, I have decided to do a goals post instead as it seems more achievable then resolutions. Last year I have achieved so much but with the New year just around the corner I have some new goals for 2015. I can't believe how fast 2014 has just flown by but I am looking forward to achieving new goals for 2015.

This year has been brilliant but for 2015 we have many things planned and loads of things to do such as me and my husband finishing our courses, my husbands electrician course and my make up artistry course so hopefully it will be ok inshallah.


Scheduled posts - At the moment my posts are infrequent and I some posts were not planned, but a goal for the upcoming year is to improve on this but I am happy with what I have achieved so far with my blog.

Learn Arabic - I have read the Quran in English 3 times so far and I read it everyday but I hope to learn Arabic so I can read the Quran in Arabic, I already know the prayer in Arabic but learning the whole Quran is a goal I would love to achieve.

Complete my Makeup Artistry Course -  I have enjoyed my course so far and have learned so many different techniques and looks but my dream is to finish  it and finally get a job on a makeup counter somewhere in Glasgow. Its a job I have always dreamed about.

More Charity work - In Islam its important to help with charity as its one of the pillars of Islam, so its very close to my heart so I am always thinking of ways to raise money for charity. Over the last year I have entered the race for life, my husband did pedal for Scotland and raised over £300 for a Palestine hospital by cycling 47 miles from Glasgow to Edinburgh. Next year we hope to help raise more money for charity and donate as much as we can too.

 Confidence boost- I have gained so much confidence over the years and blogging has been a great help for me. I am moving in the next few months to a new area so I hope to make some new friends hopefully.

Visit Dad's side of the Family -  I have 3 children and I would love for them to be able to meet my family in Essex one day. I have not been to see my family in Essex for nearly 5 years now as it is so expensive to travel and also to stay their as well is not very affordable for me at the moment. I hope I can work something out as so much time has traveled now I miss them.

Save Money -  I have never been someone who spends beyond their means but I just like finding bargains and savings.  Me and my husband are hoping to buy our own home one day instead of renting so saving seems the most sensible thing to do .

What are your goals for 2015?

Melissa x

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  1. Ohh wow, if you learn Arabic I'll be very envious. I've always wanted to speak another language!

    Annabel ♥
    Mascara & Maltesers

    1. Arabic is a lovely language, I hope to learn loads for 2015 :)

  2. Great goals, it will be interesting to read your blog as you achieve them. I never really set goals, I just see what the year brings - always interesting!


  3. Brilliant goals, I also want to schedule posts as I only seem to write occasionally but then end up with loads of post on one day.
    Learning a language would be very cool but I struggle with English at the best of times.
    Visiting family and saving money are always on my lists too.
    I hope you achieve your 2015 goals!

    1. Thanks so much :)
      hope you achieve your goals too!

  4. I like the idea of goals instead of resolutions! lol who are we kidding, most people never actually follow through with all their new years resolutions! I hope you learn Arabic as it is a beautiful language and I hope you visit your family! As for a goal that we share in common, its saving money! My husband and I are sick of renting too and hopefully we'll be able to get a house one day inshallah!
    I wish you the best in 2015!


    1. I know, every time I made a resolution I failed, but a goal seems so much more achievable:)
      Thanks :)
      Inshallah we both get a great house one day instead of renting :)

  5. I hope you'll achieve your goals. I think they're beautiful: many of them are about giving back to others. X

  6. love the goals! I learned to read arabic from quite a young age and can still do it now!

    1. that's brilliant :) I hope to know a lot more by 2016 :)

  7. Great Goals hope you do all of them x

  8. I learn Arabic in school, its a really cool language (but most letters look almost the same, its confusing!) Good luck x

    1. its great isn't it :) and thanks :D