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Makeup Revolution Lipstick - Enchant

makeup revolution lipstick enchant
I just love bargains I must admint, every time I go shopping I am always looking for items on sale or a price to good to miss, but with makeup revolution I know I am just going to buy a haul because they have such an amazing range for an affordable price but what makes the deal so much better for me is that the quality of the makeup is just amazing, very unexpected to most affordable makeup brands that I have tried out before. Makeup Revolution is cruelty free and have a wide choice of makeup to choose from.
makeup revolution swatch enchant
Enchant is a light pink which reminds me of Peach from Super Mario! I just love the pink its perfect for everyday wear and would go with any outfit. The shade itself is creme and stays put for up to two hours plus which is very respectable for a lipstick which is only £1! and not only that it smells so much like vanilla and its not overpowering at all.
The look of the lipstick is what you would expect for a £1 but it really blends in with my lipstick collection and looks amazing with other Makeup Revolution lipsticks.
makeup revolution lipstick enchant
 - Affordable
- Long Lasting
- Nice scent
- Simple but effective design
 Loose lid 

If your like me and like to have a few lipsticks and few of the premium I would recommend to add this fabulous lipstick to your collection! I am looking forward to adding more to my collection and for a £1 they are just guilt free.

Have you tried Makeup Revolution yet? 

Melissa x

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  1. I still haven't got round to trying Makeup revolution but I keep hearing amazing things!

  2. I found the loose lid to be the only issue too. I love the colours but some give me handbag lining being ruined fears!
    Great review, love that shade!
    <3 Fran - xx

  3. I keep saying that I need to try Makeup Revolution but I still haven't "/

    This lipstick is gorgeous though. It's going on my Christmas List ;)

    Louise x

  4. I totally agree about the loose lid which is a shame but for £1 there are so many things I LOVE xxx


  5. I'm a big fan of the Makeup Revolution products, I have used a few of their lipsticks from their 'Vamp Collection', I've not heard much about this shade but it is very pretty, definitely one for me to consider adding to my makeup bag.
    Natasha Paris x


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