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5 Nail Polishes For The Winter

Following on from yesterdays my top 5 winter lipsticks, I have decided to follow on that post with my top 5 choices for winter nail polishes. I have quite a nice selection of nail polishes and the collection itself has grown a lot as you all might know how.... blogging. Winter is very versatile season were you can get inspiration from abosulty everything such as the dark nights I thought a nice dark nail polish like a matte black would be perfect for that and also like the last leaves that fall reminds me a lot of spices and a burnt orange.

With the winter season being perfect to brighten our look up its nice to have your nails to match your outfit and also to brighten up any mood. The selection I have chosen are perfect for everyday wear and to show off during the festive season. 
(from top to bottom)
Illamasqua - Scorn | £14.50
I find that matte black during  the winter as well as all year round in Britain, black just matches everything perfectly from a casual outfit to going out to a party. Scorn is perfect as it is a matte effect nail polish and looks very professional and very easy to apply.

Barry M Gelly Effects - Mustard | £3.99
I have always been a fan of Barry M's Gelly range even though they are a bit of a hit and miss with bloggers. I find these beautifully thick and very easy to apply its very glossy when it had dried. The mustard shade is exactly like mustard and its just perfect for those horrid foggy days or any day you like. I like to wear this while shopping personally.

OPI - Turn On The Hot Light || £11
OPI have to be a salon favorite and are one of my favorite nail polish brands as they have many shades to choose from, the shade I chose in my top 5 nail polishes is virbant silver with a lot of sparkle and is like decorations on a Christmas tree or the stars at night, seeing as we get darker nights now its winter.

Models Own - Red Alert || £4.99
Red is such a statement shade and for me brings out more coconfidence for me which is a big bonus for me as I like to dress in a retro style. Red alert is a perfect shade as it stands out in the crowd and every were you look this season you see the shade red from Christmas decorations to Rudolph red nose.

China Glaze - Traffic Jam || £6.95
Many of us enjoy enjoy mulled wine over the festive period (I personally don't drink) but this shade is very much like a red wine shade and matches it very well so its perfect for festive events and perfect for Christmas day as this colour would match any outfit.

What is your favorite Winter Polish?

Melissa x

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  2. I LOVE china glaze I have only just tried them lately and you've picked a beauty colour xx

    Blonde Of Carbs

  3. That mustard yellow nail polish is such a pretty color!


  4. The mustard nail polish is such a pretty colour

    Sophie x |

  5. I love the OPI :) I think oxblood is my fave colour for winter, or maybe a good Xmas nail art haha. I did a whole collection of Xmas nails last year on my blog! | UK Beauty Blog


  6. Barry M Mustard is one of my favourites for this time of year too! :) xx

    Jasmine // Magpie Jasmine


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