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Sugar Skull Makeup

sugar skull makeup man
sugar skull makeup for men
 Hey Lovelies and here we are again another Halloween Makeup Look following my last look which was Pinup Zombie. This look is on my amazing husband Zed and he will be in a few makeup looks in future too! he is a diamond for sitting still and enduring new looks haha. Sugar skull is a great look for men and women during Halloween and I just added a masculine twist to this look.

Base :
Blending these together to get a skull effect with a bit of shadowing.

Eyes :
Get the basic eye socket shape with blender eyeshadow brush to get the more defining areas to create more of the socket effect I used an eyebrow brush to get a curve.
After this I blended Gleam over the top of the centre of the lids to give the eyes more of a glistening effect.

Face Art :

Barry M Liquid Eyeliner
One the corner of the eye socket that has been shaded in with the eye shadow, put two flicks on the sides to create a eyelash effect.
For the spider web effect on the forehead draw from just above the nose and use your eyeliner up towards the forehead. Once you have a curved triangle, draw curves up towards the head starting from the bottem near your nose.
After you have done your spider web effect fill in near the bottom of the web the eye shadow in Over bored  with a small eye shadow brush to get a more drastic effect, after this get a lip liner brush and just on top of the over bored apply gleam to give the spider web a midnight shimmer.
For the nose use an eyeliner pencil draw a basic triangle shape to get a more natural look follow your natural nose shape.
For the cheeks use your eyeliner to create rough designs of triangles once you have done that apply flicks to each corner just to a simple effective design.

This look took me 20 minutes and is quite simple . For a longer lasting effect apply a makeup setter. Keep an eye out as I have more Halloween inspired makeup so don't forget to follow me on the links below for more :)

Lots of Love 

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