Saturday, 18 October 2014

Sleek i Divine in Storm

sleek palette storm
Hi Lovelies!
I have had this palette for a few months now but have just got round to writing a review about it. Thankfully I took pictures and swatches of the palette when it was brand new as it has been very heavily used since I got it haha! The first palette I ever bought was a Sleek palette as I think they are very good value for money at £8 for 12 eye shadows, as we all know it can cost that and even more for a premium brand.

Sleek i Divine palettes consist of 12 eye shadows which are extremely pigmented, long lasting, mineral based. Storm palette would suit everyone just make your look, look very radiant. This palette is very neutral perfect for a day time look and can be used for a night look too as the shades are very shimmery too. The top shades are very pearly shades while the bottom shades are quite dark and mysterious that can easily be blended with the pearly neutrals above.

The Storm palette is very good for everyday looks and is very easy to blend together as well as some brands can be very ackward. I found that using an eye shadow primer like Makeup revolutions primer, the eye shadow looks even more pigmented and lasts all day without getting dull. 

I try my best to find everything on my blog to be cruelty free and I have checked their website to make sure about this and it clearly states that this palette is suitable for people who are vegetarian and vegan and most of all they do not test their brand on animals which is fantastic to know!.

You can buy the Sleek i Divine in Storm Online or in your local Superdrug 

What is your favorite palette? 

Melissa x

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