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October The Vegan Kind Box #TVK12

the vegan kind October
I have had the vegan kind box now for over half a year  now and I really do love it for bringing new products out every month. Its fantastic for helping finding new vegan products as usually its not the easiest task. The Vegan kind every month donates 10p from every box  to charity and this months charity is Manchester & Cheshire Dog's home you can donate to the cause by visiting their website Here! 
These are a perfect combination of raspberries covered in dark chocolate combining two beautiful flavours into one snack, they are fair trade and its dark chocolate so its good for healthier snacking. These sound amazing and its something I love as I am a massive fan of chocolate.
Howdah Onion Bhajis 100g | (£2.39)
Howdah are traditionally made the Indian way with spices and ingredients just like what you would find in Indian cushine.These are free from preservatives and are ethically sourced too.  These look amazing and perfect for sharing so I will be having these with my husband when its his day off.
Angelic Gluten Free Double Chocolate Cookies 125g (RRP £2.60)
I am a massive cookie fan so I am so happy to get these month! I am sure they won't last very long haha. These cookies are gluten free and free from dairy and eggs. These cookies are great for a treat as well as they are only 76 calories a cookie so you can satisfy your chocolate craving guilt free.
Nom Organic Oat Bar 52g (RRP £1.49)
Nom foods are on a mission to make it easier for people to have a healthier snack while on the go with antioxidants and free from dairy and refined sugars these are great alternative to what is on the market. These bars are perfect for a pre and post exercise boost or just an energy boost to help you along with your day. My husband is going to have this at some point next week after he comes back from the gym.
Premae Skincare Triumph Creme Balm 10ml | (RRP £33.66)
Premae is a luxury skincare brand, this balm is packed with antioxidants and vitamins A , C and K with enriched with frankincense. This cream sounds wonderful and will fit nicely into my skincare collection, no idea when to use it as it sounds to lovely to use.

My verdict on the box is that its amazing, with the charity being an amazing cause and this months conents being brilliant too my favorite has to be double chocolate chip cookies. Check out my thoughts on the September box Here!

The Vegan Kind box is £10 a month and P&P of £3.15 and you can suscribe to their boxes over on their website Here!

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