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Illamasqua Glamore Lipsticks

Illamasqua Glamore Lipsticks
I have to admit lipsticks are one of my favorite beauty items and I was so delighted to win my favorite brand of makeup Illamasqua!! I have been entering Dave Lackie competitions for a while now but I never in a million years thought I would of actually won even more so these beautiful lipsticks, argh I am so excited to try these beauties.

Illamasqua is fairly new makeup brand introduced in 2008 and is a British brand. They are quite different compared to a lot of makeup on the market with amazing collections such as Facets and paranormal. I have a few pieces from their collection now as they is so much to choose from such as lipsticks to foundation.

 so which lipsticks did I get? 

Pinkie is a cool pink in a satin finish, this lipstick and is very much like a frosty light pink. Light pink is not normally my colour but I will try it for sure and match it up to my nails and outfit in future I am sure.

Vampette is a deep berry shade in a satin finish and has a gothic look to it as well. This has to be my favorite out of what I won and have used it once or twice already.

Cherub is a warm coral shade in satin, this lipstick is an everyday shade so is suitable for any occasion and is very adjusted to the autumn.

Naked is a obvious by the name as a naked shade and it also is in a satin shade. Quite a few of us are looking for a nice nude shade and I am really hoping this is perfect!

Starkers is a soft flesh pink and of course you guessed it! it is also a satin finish. This is quite a nude shade as well but this is a bit more pinker then naked. I think this might just be an everyday lipstick for me.

What is your favorite Illamasqua Lipstick?

Melissa x

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