Saturday, 4 October 2014

D.I.Y Nail Polish Storage

D.I.Y Nail Polish Storage
Ever since I started blogging blogging, my nail polish collection has grown vastly. I started the year off with only about 5 nail polishes and they were barely worn but now its a whole different story! I have about 60 plus now and I seriously was running out of places to put my nail polishes.

I always wanted to show off my nail polish collection without storing them in boxes so I decided to find a cheap affordable way of showing them off and of course being reachable being near my dressing table. I always like to go to B&M as they is usually a nice bargain in their home department and I was glad to go as I found they had the perfect shelves they were only £3.99 each so I got 2 so I would have enough, they also have these shelves in white also.

Putting these shelves up was very simple all you need is a tape measure, a level and a drill. After making sure the shelves were level it only took 2 screws to drill it to the wall which was simple even for myself to do as I am not usually a D.I.Y person. Once your shelves are up you can add many nail polishes on one shelf and could even add more if needed. These would look amazing at home near your dressing table or in a small salon especially if your on a small budget like myself.

I love Nail Polish! Where do you store your Nail polishes ?

Melissa x

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