Thursday, 2 October 2014

Bye Bye September

 September was an extremely very busy month in my household seeing as my son Dante went back to school and my daughter started at nursery after the long 6 week summer holidays and on top it all off it all they was loads of family birthdays to plan and so on.

1- It was mums dog, Ben's Birthday. Ben is an Airedale terrier and he is like a big teddy bear and it was his 11th birthday. He is such a big softy and has been the most wonderful dog ever so we had a little birthday party for him we bought him bandannas and a new collar and of course my sister made him a cake that was the a replica of him.

2- My son Dante started school again he is now in year 2 and I am sure he has grown over the summer holidays, he was looking forward to seeing his friends again and getting back to learning.

3. Another birthday was my brother Paul, he was 31. My brother Paul lives at home with my mum as he has autism he looks forward to his birthday and mentions it every day from July on wards so we always try our best to make the day super special for him. He collects Badges and has over 5000 so we got him some more and we made him a cake he loved his day.

4. One thing is that is that I accepted myself as beautiful even when I wake up in the morning with no makeup on and my hair all over the place! I feel fabulous and its thanks to RuPaul and watching RuPauls Drag race!!

5. Last up it was my son Dantes Birthday he is 7 and we planned a little party with our family he loved his presents and most of all his batman cake. We are planning to take him to a museum when it is the next school holidays.

What did you do in September?

Melissa x

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