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September The Vegan Kind Review

September the vegan kind
Hey Beauties!
My The Vegan Kind came a couple of days ago when I opened it I knew I had to take a pictures of the contents quickly because everything looked amazing! This month had 6 yummy treats and one beauty item which is fantastic.

The Vegan Kind is the first UK subscription box packed with random and exciting items every month and the best part? everything is completely Vegan and cruelty free. The Vegan Kind is £10 a month plus the P&P price of £2.95, you can suscribe to The Vegan Kind HERE!

 So what is in Septembers The Vegan Kind box....

Hoots Snacks Pickled Onion Flavour 38g  (RRP £0.60)
I absolutley love the pickled onion so I was excited to see these! They were delicious and packed with flavour I know they were a massive bag but they were devoured by me with my lunch. Hoots are avalible in 5 flavours and 4 of them are suitable for Vegans! so that's great news as sometimes it can be a bit ackward finding a snack suitable for vegans. Hoots are baked with no added colours, flavours or preservatives and they are even a source of your daily fibre.

I am a massive fan of chocolate so I was excited to see this chocolate bar in this months box. I had it for a treat and I must admit it has to be one of my favorite vegan chocolates I have tried yet, it is quite similar to milk chocolate as it is very creamy but the only difference in this chocolate bar is that it contains coconut milk instead of cows milk. Ombar chocolate bars are made with raw and organic cacao beans from Ecuador and are sweetened by organic coconut palm sugar which is sustainably sourced from independent farmers in Java.

I have been searching a while for a natural and vegan deodorant and its not an easy task the only place I know is Lush. I tested this a few times and it smells really natural and smells quite herby and its not over powering so its perfect if you just want  to put this to eliminate odours. Skin Likes uses a mix of plant-based therapeutic essential oils. This is perfect if you want a more natural deodorant.

These looked quite interesting and was very eager to give them a try as I am always trying new things to add to my diet that are healthy. Personally these were a bit bland for me but my partner enjoyed them, I prefer more chewy pineapple. 

One of my favorite things I love is food with BBQ sauce/ flavoured so I was very happy to recieve this in this months box, I have not used it yet but sure will soon. Taste spice magic is very versatile and can be used with oil or yogurt to make a marinade or to use as a stock or just added simply to your vegetables. Check out their website for recipes.

Bear Paws and other products in their range have been a firm favorite in my house for a while now as my children really enjoy them. My daughter Ameerah ate these and loved the shapes and enjoyed them too without being messy too. Bear paws are pure fruit and have not added fruit and sugars, or concentrates.

My partner picked this up as he loves going to the gym so he had it as a pick me up after his work out, he enjoyed it and said it tasted  super yummy. This bar has no added sugars or preservatives and are 100% natural, wheat, GMO and diary free.

Loved this months The Vegan Kind box! what are your thoughts? 

Melissa x

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