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Makeup Revolution Colour Chaos Palette

makeup revolution palette

When I got my Makeup Revolution haul last month I just had to get a few pieces as they is a great amount of products to choose from and it only came to about £22. I got a free palette too which was Go to Hell. I know it sounds to good to be true to be that price but lets see if it can live up to being affordable.

Colour Chaos is truly a stunning palette with an fabulous choice of eye shadows in matte and in shimmers they is 18 shades in all for the very affordable price of £6. Colour Chaos has 12 shimmers and 6 matte eye shadows all in very bright vibrant colours. On first thoughts it reminds me of Urban Decays Electric Palette but not completely but for the price difference this is worth a go.

colour chaos palette

Over the last year my eye shadow palettes has grown  as I love to have a choice of shades to choose from. Colour Chaos is very different in what shades in what I would usually would wear but it would come in handy for me for going out looks and of course for Halloween as that is coming up soon. 

The Colours in the palette are very pigmented but for extra staying power I would strongly suggest applying eye shadow primer from Makeup Revolution before hand just to make your look last that extra bit longer then it would if you didn't use it. The palette itself is quite sturdy and has a mirror which is very handy to travel with.  I am not amazed with the eye shadow applicator but that's fine as I have plenty of brushes to use instead and for the price the main thing is the actual eye shadows .

colour chaos swatches
from left to right: Gleam, Needed to.., Super Y , Wkd, Me Three, My Demons, Tom Tom, Do it Now, TipX, Pink Obsessed, Toxic Apple-tini, I said Go!, On a Mission, Ammunition, Beyond Real, Over-bored, Deliver Me, Calm me down.

 As you can tell I nearly ran out of arm applying these eye shadows as they is so many! but having this many to choose from is perfect for creating new looks and blending together 

Applying Colour chaos was quite smooth with most colours easy to apply and blend together some needed more on to get the perfect contrast on your eyelid. The shimmers are packed with glitter apposed to the matte they are perfect and can be blended easily into a subtle or drastic look.

colour chaos look
This is the look I created with the Colour Chaos Palette. I used 3 shades in this and blended them together and used the darker eye shadow to make the look more drastic, the shades I used are Needed to..,  Me Three and My Demons.

Overall I love this palette and seriously I can't get over how many eye shadows you get for the price and how well they actually last and look. If you want to try Urban Decays electric palette and are like me like to save money then I would recommend this to you. 

Have you tried Makeup Revolution?

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