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Illamasqua intense lipgloss in Fierce

illamsqua lipgloss in fierce
Illamasqua has been a firm favorite of mine since I discovered the brand in February and ever since then the love of the brand has grown vastly and so has my collection of Illamasqua  as has the love of the brand. I just love the choice of colours that are avalible that are not usually on the market and of course the beautiful designs on the makeup looks absolutley stunning 
illamasqua lipgloss in fierce
I am not usually a one for choosing lip glosses as they are usually sticky and don't last very long but seeing Fierce .. I just had to have it without any doubt in mind. I love the colour purple but I was not sure if it would suit me but I thought what the hey why not just give it a go, you never know unless you actually try it for yourself
illamasqua lipgloss fierce swatch
I personally find Illamasqua extremely fast at delivering their products and I got my haul within two days of ordering. At first glance of Fierce I thought to myself wow this is to gorgeous to use as it is packaged very well and the colour just mesmerized me! I then thought o my goodness is this going to be to bright for me ? but I shouldn't of been worried, the shade is stunning and I love it more then any other lipgloss that I have ever tried, the application was so easy I was expecting it to be extremely sticky but no it was just glossy and extremely smooth to apply. I can say it lasted so long to like 3 hours before another application which is amazing for a lip gloss in my opinion. 
purple lipgloss illamasqua
As you can see this lip gloss can make even minimal makeup looks fabulous as you can see. I will would recommend this to anyone who fancies a little change to their makeup regime or who just wants to be a bit more daring like myself. 

Have you tried Illasmqua before?

Melissa x

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