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Ameerahs First Week In Nursery

Hi Beauties
I can't believe its September already! August has just flown by and its that time when my little girl Ameerah had her first week at nursery, she has 2 half days and one full days and she is 33 months and she is 3 in January.

She had 3 settling in periods that were for 2 hours at the end of August and she loved it as soon as she went in thankfully, I had to fill out a few forms and things about what she is like and things she likes and enjoys such as her favorite program and foods things like that. At the moment she absolutely loves Peppa pig she loves to watch it and if she sees any clothes with Peppa pig she just have to have them :D. As for food she isn't really picky but she does not like broccoli. 

Starting properly on Wednesday the same day my son went back to school, she could not wait get to nursery! as soon as she woke up in the morning she said oooo nursery today. She ate her cheerios and we got her ready in next to no time which is not the way our mornings usually go haha.

On the way up to the Nursery she was hopping like a Kangaroo her favorite animal all the way until we got to the nursery door which is so grand and old fashioned! They answered and she gave them the most lovely smile and said NURSERY TIME! she knew excatly which room she was in and just hopped straight in and said bye bye mummy! it really did bring a tear or two to my eye it was so lovely to see my little girl in nursery and that she was happy.

They day for me went quite slowly wondering if she was enjoying it still and getting a long with the other kids but my husband reassured me she would be fine and by then it was time to pick up my son from school which took some of the time away and it would not be long till I had to pick her up.

The time came to pick her up and me and my husband decided to go together to pick her up seeing as it was her first day, arriving at the door we shouldn't of even worried at all ! she absolutely loved nursery and she even asked when it was time to go back again! she had an amazing day and got to know other kids and painted. I am happy she enjoyed it and so is my husband, I am pleasantly surprised it was an easy process for her to settle her into nursery as my was not keen to go and usually just wanted to stay at home haha.

Melissa x

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