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Illamasqua intense lipgloss in Fierce

illamsqua lipgloss in fierce
Illamasqua has been a firm favorite of mine since I discovered the brand in February and ever since then the love of the brand has grown vastly and so has my collection of Illamasqua  as has the love of the brand. I just love the choice of colours that are avalible that are not usually on the market and of course the beautiful designs on the makeup looks absolutley stunning 
illamasqua lipgloss in fierce
I am not usually a one for choosing lip glosses as they are usually sticky and don't last very long but seeing Fierce .. I just had to have it without any doubt in mind. I love the colour purple but I was not sure if it would suit me but I thought what the hey why not just give it a go, you never know unless you actually try it for yourself
illamasqua lipgloss fierce swatch
I personally find Illamasqua extremely fast at delivering their products and I got my haul within two days of ordering. At first glance of Fierce I thought to myself wow this is to gorgeous to use as it is packaged very well and the colour just mesmerized me! I then thought o my goodness is this going to be to bright for me ? but I shouldn't of been worried, the shade is stunning and I love it more then any other lipgloss that I have ever tried, the application was so easy I was expecting it to be extremely sticky but no it was just glossy and extremely smooth to apply. I can say it lasted so long to like 3 hours before another application which is amazing for a lip gloss in my opinion. 
purple lipgloss illamasqua
As you can see this lip gloss can make even minimal makeup looks fabulous as you can see. I will would recommend this to anyone who fancies a little change to their makeup regime or who just wants to be a bit more daring like myself. 

Have you tried Illasmqua before?

Melissa x

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Makeup Revolution Colour Chaos Palette

makeup revolution palette

When I got my Makeup Revolution haul last month I just had to get a few pieces as they is a great amount of products to choose from and it only came to about £22. I got a free palette too which was Go to Hell. I know it sounds to good to be true to be that price but lets see if it can live up to being affordable.

Colour Chaos is truly a stunning palette with an fabulous choice of eye shadows in matte and in shimmers they is 18 shades in all for the very affordable price of £6. Colour Chaos has 12 shimmers and 6 matte eye shadows all in very bright vibrant colours. On first thoughts it reminds me of Urban Decays Electric Palette but not completely but for the price difference this is worth a go.

colour chaos palette

Over the last year my eye shadow palettes has grown  as I love to have a choice of shades to choose from. Colour Chaos is very different in what shades in what I would usually would wear but it would come in handy for me for going out looks and of course for Halloween as that is coming up soon. 

The Colours in the palette are very pigmented but for extra staying power I would strongly suggest applying eye shadow primer from Makeup Revolution before hand just to make your look last that extra bit longer then it would if you didn't use it. The palette itself is quite sturdy and has a mirror which is very handy to travel with.  I am not amazed with the eye shadow applicator but that's fine as I have plenty of brushes to use instead and for the price the main thing is the actual eye shadows .

colour chaos swatches
from left to right: Gleam, Needed to.., Super Y , Wkd, Me Three, My Demons, Tom Tom, Do it Now, TipX, Pink Obsessed, Toxic Apple-tini, I said Go!, On a Mission, Ammunition, Beyond Real, Over-bored, Deliver Me, Calm me down.

 As you can tell I nearly ran out of arm applying these eye shadows as they is so many! but having this many to choose from is perfect for creating new looks and blending together 

Applying Colour chaos was quite smooth with most colours easy to apply and blend together some needed more on to get the perfect contrast on your eyelid. The shimmers are packed with glitter apposed to the matte they are perfect and can be blended easily into a subtle or drastic look.

colour chaos look
This is the look I created with the Colour Chaos Palette. I used 3 shades in this and blended them together and used the darker eye shadow to make the look more drastic, the shades I used are Needed to..,  Me Three and My Demons.

Overall I love this palette and seriously I can't get over how many eye shadows you get for the price and how well they actually last and look. If you want to try Urban Decays electric palette and are like me like to save money then I would recommend this to you. 

Have you tried Makeup Revolution?

Melissa x

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Lime Crime - Countessa Fluorescent Review

lime crime countessa fluorescent
lime crime lipstick review
lime crime lipstick review
Hey Guys and Dolls!
Lime Crime had been on my wish list for a long time, so when I finally got one I was extremely happy and very eager to give it a go. Lime crime is a very colourful and vibrant brand which is very popular in America since it was made 6 years ago and has started to be popular in the UK with beauty bloggers and Makeup artists. The unicorns on the lipstick just sells it to me as I am a big fan of unicorns!

I bought Countessa Fluorescent (RRP £12.50) which is a neon pink which is blue based. Seeing the colour in person I was happy because it actually looked the same shade as it did online! another thing that struck me with this lipstick was the beautiful scent of vanilla this lipstick has, it truly is divine.
Applying this lipstick was very simple and was non drying like a cream lipstick, it is a bit more softer then most lipsticks but it did not effect the lipsticks performance. I wore this the other day and it lasted a good 4-5 hours before I needed another coat but I did get a lot of compliments wearing it so its worth the trouble of re applying. 

After trying this lipsticks a couple of times now I can safely say I love Lime Crime Lipsticks as they are very highly pigmented and the actual lipstick itself is very moisturizing so it does not leave your lips dry and your lips feel soft even after you take the lipstick off. I will be adding more to my collection in the future I have my eye on Airborne Unicorn which is a soft pastel purple.

Have you tried Lime Crime Lipsticks before? If so which ones have you tried?

Melissa x

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Makeup Revolution - Highlighter Golden Lights Review

makeup revolution highlighter golden lights
Hi Guys and Dolls!
I am reviewing another Makeup Revolution item and it is the highlighter in Golden Lights!. Makeup Revolution is pretty new to the makeup world but wow they have made a name for themselves with an amazing range of makeup with affordable prices.

so what are the benefits of using a highlighter?

Under eyes - To help banish dark circles under the eyes combined together with a concealer.

Cheeks - this will highlight your cheekbones and looks amazing combined together with a blusher or a bronzer.

Eyebrows - This will help define your brows if you shape them.

I personally use this myself on my cheeks as it gives them a beautiful shimmer and its not over the tops it just brightens my complexion and helps contour my cheekbones. I wear this most days and it lasts all day until I take it off at night time, it is easy to apply and I use my blusher brush and apply it directly to my cheekbones just above my blusher.

makeup revolution highlighter golden lights
Even though I love the product I personally find the packaging is a bit bland a bit to plastic really and the design doesn't look to great either but for the price of this product of £3 I think its fine and it can be forgotten about easily once your actually use the product.

I would definatley buy this again the future once this has run out and it has become a favorite in my beauty box and has become one of my daily beauty products.

Have you used a makeup highlighter before?

Melissa x

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I Love Makeup Blushing Hearts Blusher Review

makeup revolution blusher

Hi Guys and Dolls!

Going onto the Makeup Revolution website I was drawn instantly to their Blushing Hearts Blusher so I just had to have it, I got a few other things while I was at it as well as they are a very afforable price and I wanted a few different products to try. The design of the blusher looks so sweet and reminds me a lot of the too faced blusher, so I jumped at the chance of trying the cheaper option as it is only £5.

Blushing Hearts Blusher  has really nice packing and the contents is equally amazing, it has 3 stunning shades merged together and they literally are a match made in heaven. This blusher gave me  a lovely pink rosy complexion and at the same time the lighter shade of pink gave me highlighted look to look like I actually contoured my cheek bones. 

I personally add Makeup Revolutions highlighter in golden lights to make the blush stand out more and to give my complexion a lovely sparkle but its not over the top, its perfect to compliment the blusher.

I am a massive fan of Makeup Revolution and the Blushing Hearts Blusher is now one of my firm favorites as it lasts all day as long as you use a primer and the packing looks lovely so it really is value for money. 

Have your tried Makeup Revolution?

Melissa x 

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September The Vegan Kind Review

September the vegan kind
Hey Beauties!
My The Vegan Kind came a couple of days ago when I opened it I knew I had to take a pictures of the contents quickly because everything looked amazing! This month had 6 yummy treats and one beauty item which is fantastic.

The Vegan Kind is the first UK subscription box packed with random and exciting items every month and the best part? everything is completely Vegan and cruelty free. The Vegan Kind is £10 a month plus the P&P price of £2.95, you can suscribe to The Vegan Kind HERE!

 So what is in Septembers The Vegan Kind box....

Hoots Snacks Pickled Onion Flavour 38g  (RRP £0.60)
I absolutley love the pickled onion so I was excited to see these! They were delicious and packed with flavour I know they were a massive bag but they were devoured by me with my lunch. Hoots are avalible in 5 flavours and 4 of them are suitable for Vegans! so that's great news as sometimes it can be a bit ackward finding a snack suitable for vegans. Hoots are baked with no added colours, flavours or preservatives and they are even a source of your daily fibre.

I am a massive fan of chocolate so I was excited to see this chocolate bar in this months box. I had it for a treat and I must admit it has to be one of my favorite vegan chocolates I have tried yet, it is quite similar to milk chocolate as it is very creamy but the only difference in this chocolate bar is that it contains coconut milk instead of cows milk. Ombar chocolate bars are made with raw and organic cacao beans from Ecuador and are sweetened by organic coconut palm sugar which is sustainably sourced from independent farmers in Java.

I have been searching a while for a natural and vegan deodorant and its not an easy task the only place I know is Lush. I tested this a few times and it smells really natural and smells quite herby and its not over powering so its perfect if you just want  to put this to eliminate odours. Skin Likes uses a mix of plant-based therapeutic essential oils. This is perfect if you want a more natural deodorant.

These looked quite interesting and was very eager to give them a try as I am always trying new things to add to my diet that are healthy. Personally these were a bit bland for me but my partner enjoyed them, I prefer more chewy pineapple. 

One of my favorite things I love is food with BBQ sauce/ flavoured so I was very happy to recieve this in this months box, I have not used it yet but sure will soon. Taste spice magic is very versatile and can be used with oil or yogurt to make a marinade or to use as a stock or just added simply to your vegetables. Check out their website for recipes.

Bear Paws and other products in their range have been a firm favorite in my house for a while now as my children really enjoy them. My daughter Ameerah ate these and loved the shapes and enjoyed them too without being messy too. Bear paws are pure fruit and have not added fruit and sugars, or concentrates.

My partner picked this up as he loves going to the gym so he had it as a pick me up after his work out, he enjoyed it and said it tasted  super yummy. This bar has no added sugars or preservatives and are 100% natural, wheat, GMO and diary free.

Loved this months The Vegan Kind box! what are your thoughts? 

Melissa x

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Illamasqua - Atomic

Hi Beauties!
I have decided to put a little series together about one of my favorite things, vintage lipsticks! I have a few to test out and I am sure there will be a few more to add to my collection in the not so distant future so keep an eye out there will be more to come!
For me lipstick is very important and gives me a massive confidence booster, its amazing at what a splash of colour can do! I currently own about 15 lipsticks.

Lipstick quotes I love!

“I said pour yourself a drink, put on some lipstick, and pull yourself together.”― Marilyn Monroe

Illamasqua Lipsticks are simple yet beautiful with a chunky lipstick with vintage packaging. Illamasqua lipsticks just stick out from other brands as they have a vast amount of shades and finishes. Applying these lipsticks is a bit awkward but if you apply a lip balm on your lips before applying an Illamasqua  lipstick then it just glides on your lips with ease. The colour is very pigmented and only a little bit goes such a long way! The look of this lipstick is truly stunning on and gives you that edge you would look for in a lipstick. The only downfall for me regarding this lipstick is that if you have a hot drink or food then it does come off and leaves dry patches but it does not matter really as you can always re apply just to touch it back up.
Illamasqua Atomic is a fuchsia violet shade and is a very intense shade and you don't need a lot for vibrant looking lips. It is stunning on its own but I would recommend using a lip balm before you apply the lipstick for a smooth looking finish.You could even add a sheer lip-gloss on top of the lipstick for a day to night look.

You can pick an  Illamasqua lipstick over on their website for £18.50 or over on the ASOS website for roughly the same price but both websites have sales on from time to time. I am hoping to add Kontrol and Maneater to my collection in the future.

Illamasqua - Atomic
Verdict 9/10

Melissa x

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September Wishlist

Hi Beauties!
August is now over and September is here so its that time of the month again to show you what I would love this month, its getting cooler but my wishlist is heating things up for me a bit.

Illamasqua Once Collection (prices between £14.50 and £21.50)
I have been waiting for this collection and was so excited when I first seen it, even though the colours aren't as vibrant as most of illamasquas make up it still looks beautiful. The collection looks very french and classic I just love it. It looks great for a natural every day look but obviously can be made more extravagant for night time. My personal favorite has to be the nail polish - Melange which is an antique golden teal with sparkles and matte, Perfection!.

Simone Fine Cateye Sunglasses (RRP £16.00)
I know the weather is starting to cool down a bit but still I need to get myself a nice pair of sunglasses especially on those days when the sun is low and a pair of sunglasses would be great to avoid the suns glare in your eyes.

Irregular Choice - Fantastic Low (RRP £79.99)
I have always been a Irregular choice fan since I was 18 and I still love their shoes now, I think these ones look stunning and perfect for shopping and going out on a date! and of course they look very comfortable to walk in.

Collectif - Polka Polly Flock Skirt  (RRP £30.00)
I absolutley adore vintage fashion and this skirt caught my eye in their A/W collection as it has polka dots and has an amazing fitting. I would of got this skirt sooner but my size isn't avalible at the moment but I really hope they bring it back in stock soon.

What is on your September Wishlist?

Melissa x

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Ameerahs First Week In Nursery

Hi Beauties
I can't believe its September already! August has just flown by and its that time when my little girl Ameerah had her first week at nursery, she has 2 half days and one full days and she is 33 months and she is 3 in January.

She had 3 settling in periods that were for 2 hours at the end of August and she loved it as soon as she went in thankfully, I had to fill out a few forms and things about what she is like and things she likes and enjoys such as her favorite program and foods things like that. At the moment she absolutely loves Peppa pig she loves to watch it and if she sees any clothes with Peppa pig she just have to have them :D. As for food she isn't really picky but she does not like broccoli. 

Starting properly on Wednesday the same day my son went back to school, she could not wait get to nursery! as soon as she woke up in the morning she said oooo nursery today. She ate her cheerios and we got her ready in next to no time which is not the way our mornings usually go haha.

On the way up to the Nursery she was hopping like a Kangaroo her favorite animal all the way until we got to the nursery door which is so grand and old fashioned! They answered and she gave them the most lovely smile and said NURSERY TIME! she knew excatly which room she was in and just hopped straight in and said bye bye mummy! it really did bring a tear or two to my eye it was so lovely to see my little girl in nursery and that she was happy.

They day for me went quite slowly wondering if she was enjoying it still and getting a long with the other kids but my husband reassured me she would be fine and by then it was time to pick up my son from school which took some of the time away and it would not be long till I had to pick her up.

The time came to pick her up and me and my husband decided to go together to pick her up seeing as it was her first day, arriving at the door we shouldn't of even worried at all ! she absolutely loved nursery and she even asked when it was time to go back again! she had an amazing day and got to know other kids and painted. I am happy she enjoyed it and so is my husband, I am pleasantly surprised it was an easy process for her to settle her into nursery as my was not keen to go and usually just wanted to stay at home haha.

Melissa x

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Makeup Revolution Lipsticks

makeup revolution lipsticks
Hi Beauties!
Makeup Revolution are a fairly new make up company and they have made a massive impact in the beauty and blogging world, with an amazing choice of products and amazing prices. I sure got drawn in by them as they are affordable and have so many dupes that are like high end products.
I got a haul a few days ago and could not resist but to buy a few of their lipsticks just to see if they were any good, seeing as they are only £1 I was a bit wary but optimistic at the same time; I got the Felony(yellow), Depraved(purple) and Dare(Red).
makeup revolution lipsticks
'Staying power'. I found this to be like most lipsticks on the market which lasted longer than expected and only comes off slightly when you have something to eat or drink, but I would recommend taking it with you when you go out for touch ups.
'The pigmentation'. The color's are brilliant and a lot nicer than expected as they were vibrant and looked stunning.
Application - The application was simple and was non dry so it was easy to get the vibrant lip colour in seconds rather then keeping applying.

  Very happy with my purchases and will add to my collection in the future for sure. I will show you the other things I got from Makeup Revolution haul so keep an eye out in the not so distant future :)

Have you bought anything from Makeup Revolution yet?

Melissa x

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