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The Vegan Kind #10 August 2014

Hi Beauties!
I know I say this every month but this months box is my favorite, every month the boxes keep getting better and better, they are something I look forward too.

Nothing But Red Pepper and Mangetout Snack 20g (RRP £1.20)
I've never tried vegetable crisps before but I was very eager to give these a go, on tasting these I found them a bit bland for my liking but they are great if your a bit peckish or fancy a quick and  healthy snack the other flavours sound a lot better to me like the beetroot and parsnip and the peas and sweetcorn. Nothing are perfect if you want a guilt free snack as these are only 20 calories and count towards one of your 5 a day.

Freedom Mallows Strawberry 75g (RRP £2.50)
I love mallows I have had these a few times before and they are so yummy and soft, the texture is perfect and is no different to any other on the market, the only difference is that these are vegan. I love the flavour and they come in vanilla too.

Pulsin' Vanilla Choc Chip Protein Bar (RRP £1.79)
I normally would not buy a protein bar but this one tasted so amazing and was very edible unlike most protein bars my husband usually buys. They are great if you like no added sugar or need gluten free and a perfect meal replacement or energy booster.

Propercorn Sweet and Salty Popcorn 30g (RRP £0.80)
I have tried this popcorn before and I am not a fan unfortnatley as I don't like salted popcorn but my brother really enjoyed them so that's a good thing! Popcorn is the perfect alternative to crisps.

Living Naturally Soapnut Tabs 265g (20 washes) (RRP £6.49)
This has to be my favorite thing in the box !! they smell so amazing once your clothes are washed and most of all makes your clothes is beautifully soft!! I will definatley be re purchasing this in the future! check out what they say 
What you get in the bag:
  • 265g Soapnut Powder Laundry Tabs - 20 Washes
  • Certified Organic Ingredients
  • Certified Vegan
  • Phosphate, Chlorine, GMO Free
  • Biodegradable
  • Sustainable

Teen VGN Fuelled By Compassion Wrist Band (Bonus Item) (RRP £1.20)
I have worn this a few times already! love it ! TeenVGN is for young vegetarians and vegans to find other like minded people to share their stories encouragement and much more. 

I am very happy with this months box and the recipe card !! I am looking forward to the next box even haha, I would recomend this to any vegan or vegetarian or for someone who like to try new things! then this is for you !! You can pick one of these boxes up over at The Vegan Kind at a cost of £10 plus £2.95!

Melissa Zia x

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