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Lush - The Greeench

Hi Lovelies :)
I am one of those people who fall into Lush and accidentally buy half the shop haha, In all seriousness the shop smells amazing you can't help but go in and see what they have available, I always seem to get something for the bath but this time I wanted to try a more natural deodorant that was not to overpowering that is were Greench comes in.
Greeench is a powder deodorant that can be used on the under arms on your feet or even in smelly shoes so perfect for gym shoes or work shoes. It has a beautiful scent of  tea tree oil , powered rosemary and powdered sage. Its not the usual deodorant you can buy but it is like the usual talc powder you get in shops. Greeench is very simple to use just shake a couple of times in your hand and rub on your armpit a small amount goes quite far and personally I prefer it from my other deodorants as it leaves a natural scent and eliminates odors all day. It is now use this everyday and it keeps my BO away and makes me smell wonderful.

At £5.95 it seems quite expensive for deodorant  but the fact you don't need loads and its filled right to the top I really think Greeench is worth the money and you know something its nice to treat yourself so go on lovelies give this a try, they is others Lush have available too like The Guv'ner and they have a range of solid deodorants too which is fabulous. 

Lush has to be one of my favorite brands are they are cruelty free and all there products are either vegetarian or vegan so its a place I can trust and will continually go too :)
 Have you tried deodorant powder before?

Melissa x
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