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Illamasqua Haul

illamasqua sale haul
illamasqua counter glasgow
Hi Honey Bee's 
I have been a big Illamasqua fan for ages now, but up until recently have never had he chance to visit a counter as I am not near one at the moment. So when I went to Glasgow for my Birthday one of the first places I went to was the Illamasqua counter, I sure was not disappointed.

Glasgow's Illamasqua counter is in Debenhams and you can see it from a few beauty counters away because it looks that beautiful and colourful. I seen it and my mouth nearly hit the ground as the products were well placed and the selection was truly amazing and the staff were so helpful and helped me choose the right foundation shade! I have being buying wrong for years so thank you to that lovely lady for helping me to pick the right foundation.

Seeing as It was recently my birthday and Illamasqua have a sale on the moment I ended up buying a few bits online including the foundation that I seen in Glasgow. I saved a lot of money and I love what I have purchased.

Intense Lipgloss - Gender  This is a bright sky blue lipgloss, I got it to be a bit daring and I have never tried a blue lip colour before but this one looks gorgeous!
Intense Lipgloss - Fierce  This is a bright blue purple colour, I love the colour purple so was thinking why not try the purple lip colour.
Nail Polish - Scorn I have a fair few black nail polishes but I really loved the sound of this one as it is a matte black texture which I love, I am wearing it at the moment and I am loving it so far.
Rich Liquid Foundation - 140 I have always wanted to try this foundation but never had a chance to swatch it to get the right shade I needed, so I am glad I got the right match by going  to their beauty counter.

Have you bought anything in the Illamasqua Sale?
Melissa x
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