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Gardening: Growing my own tomatoes and cucumbers

Hi Honey Bee's
This year I decided I wanted to grow my own cucumber and tomato plants because as a teenager I used to at my Grandmas house every weekend. Every year we used to grow a fair amount of vegetables and I used to help her take care of them and harvest them. It was an amazing time of my life and I learnt so much about gardening. All this led up to want to garden and grow my own fruit and vegetables. This is the first year I have done it on my own but I love doing it with my husband.

I decided a bit to late to grow tomatoes and cucumbers so I had to buy them as plants opposed to actually growing them from seed but still the process was similar from when it was when I used to do it at my Grandmas I have 2 tomato plants and 1 cucumber plant and I put them in grow bags.

Pros of growing your own.
  • Your own fresh produce from your own back garden is amazing.
  • Growing your own tastes so much nicer then supermarket produce.
  • Gets your family involved, my children love helping me water them and looking for ripe fruit and vegetables.
  • You can make your own cooking sauces and they will last you a long time so its an investment.
  • Its organic with no pesticides.
  • Growing your own does take time, over a few months to be precise.
  • You need daily upkeep of your plants to make sure they have enough water and support.
  • Cost a little bit at the start but it pays back once you get fruit and vegetables.

This year I am only growing a couple of things but next year I should have a greenhouse so I will have more fruits and vegetables. 
Do you grow you own?

Melissa x
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