Friday, 8 August 2014

Cruelty Free Make Up Haul

Hi Honey Bee's 
I must admit I am a bit of a make up addict and I love having bright vibrant coloured make up. I have been eyeing up buying lime crime and sugarpill for some time now as they have a big range of vegan options and they are cruelty free. It was not the easiest task getting these brands as they are American and I did not want to pay a massive delivery price, so I am glad I found Cute Cosmetics as they have so many brands that are cruelty free and a good variety of vegan make up too.

I always draw my eyebrows on daily as they look a bit patchy if I don't. This eyebrow so this will go into my collection nicely. I bought it in ash blonde/cold brown and it has 3 innovations to help you get the perfect brows without looking like they are just drawn on they will look completely natural.

I have always wanted to try Lime crime as there lipstick bottles look amazing with the sparkly unicorn and not only that they have so many unusual colours. Lime crime is cruelty free and is vegan how fabulous is that! The only problem I had was choosing a colour because they all look gorgeous.

Sugarpill - loose eyeshadows x3  (RRP £8.95 Each)
Sugarpill has to be the most amazing colourful and vibrant and eyeshadow brand out their and with the lovley Shrinkle looking fabulous its no wonder I needed to buy 3 colours, I ended up buying Absinthe , Birthday girl and starling. These are all Vegan and the brand sugarpill is cruelty free.

Keep an eye out in future guys and gals I shall be using these in future posts guaranteed. I love my purchases, I know the prices sound quite steep but we all deserve a treat every now and again and cute cosmetics offer free delivery if you spend over £40.

Have you tried any of these brands before?
Melissa x
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  1. Thank you for this post! I've found it while going through your blog! I love the look of the Sugar Pill shadows but always only found them on Amazon for way too much! Vegan makeup always makes me smile!
    Mary-Ann xx
    Angel Flicks