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Are Black Cats Bad Luck ?

black kitten

Are black cats the cause of bad luck or something of witchcraft or even the work of Satan ?
This is many of things i have heard about black Cats , i have had people walk across the road so they don't walk past my cat thinking they would get bad luck crossing his path. I looked online and seen people think that if you cross a black cats path that its an omen ... o for goodness sake come on ??? a cat ? they are so beautiful creatures.
My friends boyfriend asked why did you get a black cat they are bad luck and demonic and to me its just plain stupid thing to think .Deep down i really did wonder where did all these superstition thoughts come from ? why are people so wary of black cats ?
I have found so many things on why people think Cats are bad luck.
1. The gambling world is wary of black cats crossing there path as they think they would bring them bad luck , maybe they should think a bit deeper and actually see that most of the time you loose its down to the casino and not a cat.
2. The Black cat in Folklore was actually believed to have changed shape into a human form to spy for witches or demons , its amazing what people actually think in such times but it was likely that it was one of there own who was a spy and not the actual black cat.
3. Pilgrims in Portsmouth devout to the bible thought of black cats of companions on the witches  and anyone caught with one would be severely punished or even killed. They believed that black cats were demonic or part of sorcery. 
4. The Middle ages when the Black death occurred peoples superstitions led them to believe that it was the fault of black cats rather then the real cause which was the rodents. They was mass and regular massacre of black cats as they thought them as satanic.

These are all myths and the added bonus of Halloween people are more superstitious even though they is no true claim that they are evil.
All these things are added on today's modern thinking's of the black cat
I have a black cat and he is called Salem i named him off the TV program Sabrina the teenage witch and he is such a friendly cat. He purs and loves cuddles hes never acted like a friend of Omen , he might be cheeky every now and again but no different from any other cat. He is such a family friendly cat he loves having the kids about he even and he loves it when my mum brings her Airedale terrier over they have a little kiss every time he visits like hes happy to see him again.
The amount of cats that are in shelters and even in some countries they will not allow them in because they are unwanted and for obvious reasons the superstition . It really makes me sad because they have such a lot of bad things said against them even thought the claims are not true , i really hope more people adopt more black cats because they are beautiful companions and a loyal friends.
If you look they is a lot of stories of black cats being good luck too from pirates to ancient Egyptians these should be highlighted more then the bad things. If you see a person with a black cat they are happy and the cats are a highlights for them .

Whats your thoughts on black cats?
Melissa x
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