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20 Facts about me.

1. I'm 24 years young :)
2. I have 3 children, Dante nearly 7 , Ameerah 2 and Sarina 18 months
3. I have 6 half brothers and sisters.
4. I was born in Essex but raised in Cumbria
5. I can be a little shy at times but I am way more confident now that I blog.
6. Can't drive and don't plan to learn either.
7. I am Vegan , have been for 5 months now, before that was Vegetarian.
8. I have a phobia of balloons and spiders.
9. I hoard make up and nail polish not by accident either haha.
10. I like to be a positive thinker even when times are tough.
11. I love Vintage/Gothic fashion and make up.
12. I hope one day that I will be a qualified make up artist.
13. I have a 3 Cats , Poppy , Kitty and Salem.
14. I have been married for nearly 4 years.
15. I am a big fan of Michael Jackson, have been for nearly 15 years now :D
16. My ancestors are from France and Scotland, uh la la!
17. I have 4 tattoos and would have more..
18. I love ancient Egyptian history
19. I can knit very basic pieces but would love to master it.
20. I love old horror films

Melissa x

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