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The Vegan Kind #TVK9 July 2014

july vegan kind box
Hi Honey Bee's 
This is probaly my sixth the vegan kind box I have had now and It still is one of my favorite times of the month. This month promised to be one of the best so that added to the excitement of getting the box this month. I have tried a few monthly subscription boxes but this remains a firm favorite of mine as all the products are vegan and are cruelty free with a variety of things from food to beauty items. Every month 10p from the sale from every box goes to charity and the charity is chosen on facebook. The charity this month was Blind dog rescue. Now lets see what I got this time.

Coconut Organics CocoBacon (RRP £2.35).
CocoBacon is a slightly smoked and slightly sweet coconut pieces, But for me I did not like the mix I love coconut with sweet things but the fact this was mixed with the smoked flavour did not work for me and I could not eat any more but saying that my children enjoyed them and they shared the packet in no time it was finished and they really enjoyed them, so I think this product is like marmite you will either love it or hate it.

Vego Chocolate Bar 150g (RRP £3.50).
Now this was absolutely massive!!  This is Italian finest chocolate packed with hazelnuts and divine hazelnut paste.This was polished off faster then it should of been, the chcolate was smooth and the nuts were not hard at all to bite through making it a dream in a bar. I can't wait to get another in the future.

Vita Coco Coconut Water 500ml (RRP £2.50).
I  was happy to get this as I just ran out of coconut water, Coconut water is very refreshing and tastes amazing and its all natural, can't get better then that! It is beautiful on its own or can be added with mixed fruity to make ice lollies in the freezer.

Frank Bar - Strawberry and Chocolate Flavour (RRP £1).
Frank bars are 100% that are packed with wholegrain oats, dates and dried plums all topped off with a coconut milk chocolate. I personally found this really nice and really quite filling which is great, I shared this with my husband and he just loved it too.

Heavenly Organics ‘Just Add Water’ Shampoo 30g (RRP £2.40).
This is the first time I have seen a powder shampoo, So I am looking forward and dreading using this at the time, but I do love the idea of it.

Squeeze Juice CafĂ© Wheatgrass Juice 30ml (RRP £2).
I have seen these so many times in health shops and juice bars and I have always been tempted to try one but I was always put off some way or another, so I am happy to have just received this just so I know what it is like, I am going to add this to a green smoothie.

So again very impressed again for this months Vegan kind, you cannot go wrong with the variety they have to offer and the grantee that everything is vegan and cruelty free is just a priceless thing for me.
You can purchase Augusts subscription box by going to the Vegan Kind website, The box is £10 plus £2.95 P&P.
What do you think of this months box?
Melissa x

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