Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Superdrug Vegan Make up Haul.

Hi Honey Bee's
Yesterday I had a cheeky trip to town and ended up buying a few bits and bobs in my local Superdrug. I got most things from the B. range and Superdrug own brand and the best bit about this selection is that it is all cruelty free and vegan!
Usually when I go shopping I always look at the labels to check if it is cruelty free and quite a lot of the time most things are totally blank on the subject. So when I came across B. in which all of their products are vegan. Superdrug own brand which is cruelty free and most things are vegetarian or vegan I was automatically exited and I am happy to give these both brands a go.

First thing I noticed was the B. Eyeshadow seletion (RRP £6.99). No idea the name of the palette as it does not have the name of it it on the actual product but I do know it was from the summer range and it has very summery colours to go with this beautiful weather, so I just had to have it. It also has £1 off now so its worth it to give it a go. I even got more eyeshadows B. Vibrant eyeshadows(£6.99 Each). And they are as follows- Royal and Golden sands; these are very much like the Maybelline's Color tattoo and I am hoping to get vibrant looks and eyeliner styles with these. Seeing as I got the eye-shadows I thought why not try the B. Gel Eyeliner-Black (£6.99) This has a brush included in it and it reminds me of bourjois and macs options too so I will see how this one comes along.
As for lips I got the B. Rich Intense lipstick - Tangine(RRP £7.99). I got this one because the colour is just saying summer to me as its like a bright coral and orange combined. A bonus of this one was that it was half price and to go with the summer theme I got the B. Lipgloss - Champagne(RRP £6.99). I mainly got this to make my lipsticks shimmer but seeing as it is summer I might just use this on its own.
While getting all that I noticed the B. Pure Micellar Water(RRP £4.99). I have wanted to try a Micellar water for some time now as other bloggers have raved so much about them but I have had such a hard time finding a cruelty free options so I finally have had a chance to give this a whirl. While picking this I noticed another polish to add to my collection B. Nail polish in Woodland(RRP £2.49). I have no idea what this colour is ha ha, but I would say its a lovely mix of black and forest greens and I cannot wait to use this. Thankfully, after getting all these beauties I forgot to get something ... nail polish remover! so I just picked up some Superdrug Nail Polish Remover(RRP£1.39).
Be sure to keep an eye out in future to see how I get on with these products.
Have you tried B. before?
Melissa x
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