Monday, 14 July 2014

Pandora delicate heart ring

pandora gift bag
I came home from picking up my son from school  and i came home to this beautiful Pandora bag , I got got a big surprise seeing this on the sofa and got  a flutter in my chest , my husband surprised me with something from Pandora !! totally unexpected and put a big smile on my face!
So what did he get me ? ......
pandora delicate heart ring

He got me a delicate heart ring from Pandora and its the most beautiful ring ever . He has been reading my blog as he seen as it was in my wishlist ! I cannot believe he got this :) I am so happy he did.

He bought me a size 52 but it was to big for me unfortunately but he changed it the next day for me  into the size 50 ! and it fits like a dream . This is in at moment and its a bargain in my opinion at £35
I love this and its great for anyone who loves hearts and cute things !
Do you like Pandora Jewelry?


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