Tuesday, 29 July 2014

My Families Eid Celebrations

Hi Honey Bee's 
As you guys might know Ramadan has now finished and yesterday was Eid, Its unbelievable how fast the month flew past even though me and my partner were fasting, if you want to know more on Ramadan check my post dedicated to it Here. Eid Mubarak to you lovely people and I hope you all had a beautiful day. Today I am sharing my Eid with you lovelies.

Morning My son woke everyone up this morning by deciding to be a wrestler from WWE at 6 am and the girls woke up soon after. When we all got up me and my husband had a cuddle symbolizing the end of an amazing month  followed by a breakfast of an odd number of dates. We picked out the nicest clothes to wear and had fun picking my two daughters outfits today as they all match and apart from that I managed to get a picture before one of them moved. My son and partner went to our local mosque at 9 ish in the morning to get there in time for Eid prayer at 10. The mosque is quite small and there is no room for sisters to go on Fridays or during Eid unfortunately. Fortunately, they are looking to purchase a bigger building and my husband is persuading them towards that. My husband soon came back at and I was told it was very busy and everyone was in a celebratory mood by hugging and wishing each other well . 

Afternoon.  Today was also my dad, Beefys 68th Birthday. I thought it would be a brilliant idea to go over to my mums and beefys home to give him his card and present. While their we had our lunch with my family which was hummus sandwiches with salad which went down a hit. I happened to have the idea that hummus in a sandwich would be nice and thankfully I was correct, with lettuce of course :) My mum has a beautiful dog called Ben and he is such a big softy,  he loves our company and he is like an uncle to us.  He always sits near us when we visit which I find so affectionate. My girls watched Peppa pig while sitting side by side with my mum while my son fell asleep on the couch. I love spending time at my mums and we go at least twice a week. When we came home I made a pilau from scratch for the first time and thankfully, it went down well with my husband and kids.

Night  After a long day at being at  my mums house the kids decided they would got to bed 30 minutes earlier than normal as they usually go at 7 am. Me and my partner had a nice and quite time with tea and cake; enjoying each others company, reflecting on life and praying for the people of Palestine. 
Hope everyone had a lovely day!
Melissa x
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