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Faux Almond Nail Effect tutorial

faux almond nails
faux almond nail effect
Hi Honey Bee's 
I love nail polishes and have always wanted to try almond nails out buy my partner doesn't really like the idea of them because he thinks they might be sharp and poke him haha. So to combat this I had the bright idea the other day why not try drawing the effect myself with Models own nail polish - Red alert and their nail art pen in black.

This is a very simple faux almond nail design for anyone to do and looks quite fun when you are finished so I made a step by step guide.
  1. Pick the nail colour you want :)
  2. Apply a base coat to your nails 
  3. Once they have dried apply your desired colour to your nail, for a more vibrant and opaque look use 2 to 3 coats, I personally used 2.
  4. Get your nail art pen and with the brush curve around to the very tip of your nail and do the same on the opposite side till they meet at the top
  5. On the sides fill them in to make the shadow effect.
  6. For long lasting results use a top coat to make the nail design last long, I personally love Barry M top coat.

Hope you like this look :)
Tell me your thoughts below in the comments! :)
Melissa x

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