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retro jeans

Hi Lovelies
I've had this cardigan since August but I have only just got round to wearing it now as I thought Friday would be a nice day to wear it and also its been quite sunny during the morning today so the perfect time to take photos as in January you never know when the sun will be out or it will be another British rainy day.

Its just a gorgeous cardigan and very well made as the material is very thick and keeps you warm in the house/going out in somewhere sheltered from the British winter. It has spooky looking cupcakes on both sides of the chest with a skull design on the cherries which I found quite quirky. The buttons are like a blood red and have a very glossy finish which makes them kind of look like glazed cherries. I teamed up this cardigan with my jeans which are a very nice fit and are bootcut and I also wore coral wide fit shoes which I just love especially during the warmer months. I think the combinations of the clothes went very well with hair and complimented my figure very well.  
retro jeans
I was going to go outside to take these photos but I didn't have time to go to far as my husband was due to go to work and I had to go to the school to pick up my son but apart from that I think the photos came out quite nicely. I have had a few clothes from Banned Apparel before but this cardigan has to be my favourite choice yet as it fits my curves perfectly but I do wish they did larger sizes in their clothes as the clothes are just divine and would of loved to buy more to add to my retro wardrobe.

I love wearing jeans but finding jeans that fit my petite size and my curves can be an effort! I am glad I managed to get a leg size 28 and size 16 in Matalan of these! does anyone know where to find jeans that fit shorter ladies like myself?

Cardigan - Banned Apparel / similar Bootcut Jeans - Matalan Heals - Matalan

retro jeans
I hope you all enjoyed this post as I am looking forward to doing more retro themed posts in the near future!

What are your favourite retro/rockabilly shops?

Melissa x    
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January Beauty Favourites

January Beauty Favourites
I always seem to forget to do an end of the month monthly beauty favourites post so I am promising myself to do this type of post at the end of the month every month, fingers crossed! Its a 2016 goal of mine to keep consistent on my blog, so much better then I was in 2015 hopefully. So here we go, a positive way to start my 2016 January favourite posts....
January  Favourites
  • Mark Hill Moroccan Argan oil (RRP £8.49) - I am absolutely thrilled I bought this hair oil that it would take such a long time to explain that I might just have to write a separate blog post just about this product and the matching shampoo and conditioner! My hair has been dyed so many times and styled so much that my hair really does need some extra boost everyday and this hair oil really has given my hair that much needed  boost and leaves my hair so much softer and a lot easier to manage and style. This oil has 14 essential oils and plant oils, it is very light weight and one drop goes a long way and not forgetting that this smells so fruity, love, love, love this product!
  • MAC viva glam Miley Cyrus (RRP £15.50) - I have had this lipstick for almost a year now and I recently rediscovered in my makeup drawer and its been worn so much by  me this month as its a beautiful hot pink and in  a satin finish. The money from this product goes to the mac charity and they is more info on that on their website. I only have three MAC products, I really need to treat myself to more as the quality of the products is second to none.
  • The Balm Mary-Lou Manizer ( RRP £17.49) - I just love this highlighter that I even wrote a whole blog post dedicated to it ! I use this to contour and to add as an eye shadow as its so vibrant and shimmer that shows up even without a primer. I am so glad to have this highlighter in my life as it has been on my makeup wish list for such a long time now.
  • Soap and Glory Supercat Eyeliner (RRP £6.00) - I always wear an eyeliner and this eyeliner has been far my favourite for 2015 and that's continued into to 2016! this eyeliner is so easy to make winged liner looks in minutes! just love it and not only that its so affordable.
  • Lush Fairy Dust ( Discontinued)  - I bought this in the boxing day sales and I just cant get enough of it because it smells like snow fairy and it has little sparkles in it to brighten up the skin, I really wish I bought another one of these.
What have been your January Favourites?
 Melissa x
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Hurraw! Vanilla Bean Lip Balm Review

hurraw lip balms review
 Lipbalms are an absolute lip lifesaver as you could say for me no matter the time of year  because in the winter my lips become dry and cracked with the cold weather and the same thing happens in the warmer months, I always wear a lipbalm to combat this and this one is a new one from Hurraw I have been trying for over a month now and I'm so glad I got in in my latest Vegan Kind Beauty subscription box.

Hurraw Lip Balms come in 25 different flavours such as orange, almond and vanilla bean which is the one I got in my vegan kind beauty box. Hurraw! lip balms are made from  organic, vegan and raw ingredients. They are cruelty free and are also fairtrade.
hurraw lip balms review
For me finding a more natural lipstick can be a bit of an uphill struggle but funnily enough finding a natural lipbalm is even harder then that! But luckily enough Hurraw do a lovely natural selection of cruelty free and vegan lip balms in a variety of different scents such as vanilla, almond and many more.
Hurraw are made in the USA and they have a large selection premium organic and raw lipbalms. The vanilla bean is made from organic vanilla beans and they have tiny bits on vanilla seed in it too that you see in it every now and again, the lip balm has a nice delicate scent of vanilla.

I just love the design of this and its so simple to use. The smoothness on the lips is dreamy and I have used it on its own and before applying a lipstick and both ways have worked wonderfully. The balm is non sticky and non greasy and it has a very natural smell which is lovely. This balm is handbag friendly so its easy to take with you anywhere.

Price: $3.79 each
Loved: The natural smell and how smooth it left my lips.
Hated: nothing
Design: Loved the design! plain and simple but also effective
Available at: http://www.hurrawbalm.com/
What is everyone's favourite lip balm? 
 Melissa x
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Review | Lush Cinders Bath Bomb

lush cinders bath bomb
Cinders is from latest from my latest  Lush Haul that I managed to get in the boxing day sales and luckily I managed to get in the shop not long after it opened which was 11.30am and got myself some wonderful things and I got myself £50 worth of lovely Christmas themed products for £25 which is fab and saves me a lot of money in the long run as I tend to buy a lot of lush for myself anyways because its one of my favourite shops as they have so many lovely products from bath to skincare products.
Cinders is a sweet orange oil and spicy cinnamon bath bomb with a little bit of popping candy as a nice little surprise. This also has added benefits of almond oil and vitamin E to help soften the skin. Cinders is a bit smaller then other bath bombs but it does have a fabulous colour combination of bright yellow and festive red. I love the smell of sweet and spicy  as its very uplifting during the winter months
Lush cinders bath bomb review
As soon as I popped this in the bath I could hear the popping candy and for such a small bath bomb it seemed to go on for ages the little pops! The smell of this was a mixture of cinnamon and the orange oil just made my whole bathroom smell gorgeous as soon as I put it into the water and I was surprised how strong and beautiful the smell was even though the product itself was so small compared to other bath bombs. The only slight problem I don't like about cinders is the colour it makes the water, don't get me wrong I like super bright yellow but the yellow that cinders makes isn't the nicest to be honest.
Apart from that I just loved Cinders and its just a shame that this was a Christmas lush product, I am really hoping they bring it back for Christmas 2016!
Did you get anything in the Lush sale?
Melissa x
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Ameerahs Birthday

I am a proud mummy of three cheeky, but lovely children. A few days ago my second born Ameerah turned four years old! It doesn't seem like that long ago since I was pregnant and now she is four, wow! the time sure does fly and she has changed and learned so much.
For Ameerah's birthday I decided to make her a giant cupcake birthday cake and got all the ingredients and cupcake tin from ASDA all prepared for her birthday. I made her cake which was vanilla flavoured along with lots of party snacks likes crisps and sandwiches, she really loved the attention and all the party food we prepared for her. She was excited for her presents and of course the rest of the day.
For her Birthday, my mum bought her a baby Annabel doll which made her smile because she asked for that the last time we visited my mums house and was glad she remembered. She also got Magic Sand with lots of shapes. she loved that too and couldn't wait to make castles and princesses with the messy, but  great product. Another gift I got her was a baby Annabel pram and as soon as she opened it she said thank you mummy. She put the baby Annabel doll into the pram and started pushing it  around. She also got some money off other family member and we will be taking her shopping to see what she would like.
The biggest surprise of the afternoon was when her granddad came and said lets go to the funfair,  she was overjoyed and just couldn't wait to go. While she went to the funfair she went on the caterpillar rollercoaster, car carrousel and her favourites of the day, the bouncy castles.
 After the funfair for a good three hours all the kids where looking forward to going to bed which was a big change haha!!
only 3 weeks till my youngest third birthday!
Thanks for reading ♥
Melissa x
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Review | The Balm - Mary-Lou Manizer

the balm - mary lou manizer
Two years ago highlighters were not apart of my makeup routine at all and I honestly didn't feel the need to add it to my routine but when I decided to try one for myself and ever since I first tried one its been in my routine most of the days I wear makeup.
I have only just recently discovered the brand the balm cosmetics and the reason I wanted to try them was they have the most quirky retro designs and products with cheeky names too! I just love them. They offer a range of products from cosmetics to skincare. They are also cruelty free and have quite a lot of vegan products including this one.
the balm mary lou manizer
 Mary-Lou from the balm has been a very much hyped about from many beauty bloggers and I really wanted to see what all the fuss was about. I have been looking for this product for a few months now in my local superdrug shop but its always been sold out until recently and I just jumped at the chance at trying this highlighter.
First things that gave me a very pleasant surprise about this product was how smooth and almost buttery to the touch this highlighter is! honestly its so dreamy and a very high quality product. Now we all know this product is a highlighter so the question on everyone's lips is does it actually work? If I could shout it from the rooftops I would because this is such a gorgeous highlighter and shows up in the most lovely sparkly honey shade.
the balm mary lou manizer swatch
 I have no problems with this highlighter and it has very much a part of my makeup routine as it can be used as a highlighter, eyeshadow and shimmer. I use this along my jaw line to define my cheek bones and it does an amazing job and creates a quick countered look (yes I cut corners in beauty sometimes, it saves me time seeing as I am busy mum of three children haha). The only slight issue I would say is that you only need small amount to get lots of product and too much would take a lot of product up for no reason really.
-Can be used for a few variety of different things such as eyebrows to define the arch, cheekbones, cupids arrow on the lipstick and also as a body shimmer.
- Very pigmented You only need a small amount to get lots of the product and to give a lovely highlighted look.
-Big Pan - They is a lot of the product and can imagine it would last along time.
-Nice retro design - I find the nicer the design a product is, the more chance I would use it and that's true for this product because I really like the retro design of this.
-Goes well with a few products - This can be used with blusher, bronzer and even eyeshdows to give the product a nice sparkle.
-Not easy to find - I got mine in a superdrug store and it can be sold out quickly. Its sold on the superdrug website. I hope they will be my the balm counters soon.
 Final thought
I love this highlighter and I am super glad I have finally added it to my collection, I now have my eye on their eyeshadow palettes and I just wondering which one to choose now as they all look so nice, I am really spoiled for choice.
Thanks for reading ♥
Melissa x
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15 things to do on a lazy weekend

15 things to do on a lazy weekend
Every now and again I just absolutely love quiet weekends in and after thinking back on all what I LOVE doing most on lazy weekends I thought I would share with you all my favourites things to do whenever a lazy weekend comes up. As much as I love a lazy weekend its not something I do every weekend its something maybe happens once or twice a month seeing as I am a full time mum of three beautiful children.
I know a lot of people like going out partying on a weekend or visiting a busy restaurant, but I much prefer a nice quiet weekend after a long week of taking the children to school, picking them up and other mummy and home duties.
 15 things to do on a lazy weekend
  1. Read a new book - I have never read the harry potter books so I am starting my journey with them now. I just loved the movies and my mum and sister recommended to me to read the books as they are so much better then the films, I can't wait to find out.
  2. Have a Lush Bath - This is probably one of my favourite things of mine to do! I love relaxing in a lush bath after a very long day, they make me feel amazing and they smell gorgeous too.
  3. Colour a colouring book- I used to always draw and colour in but I stopped doing a couple years back till until recently I discovered my love for it again. At the moment I colour in adult colouring books and they are very relaxing and make me feel accomplished once I am finished.
  4. Listen to your favourite music - I just listening to my favourite music on lazy weekends and my all time favourites have to be Michael Jackson, Queen and Enrique Iglesias.
  5. Paint your nails - The weekend is usually the time I change my nail paint and I find it very relaxing. I usually paint my toenails and finger nails at the same time and after I have painted and they have dried I usually apply a hand  cream.
  6. Moisturise - Even though I moisturise most days the weekend makes it so much more relaxing. I usually moisturise my body, my feet and hands.
  7. Use a face mask - After a long week they is nothing my skin loves more then a face mask to give it that uplift it needs. I usually use different types but my favourites are ones that cleanse the skin and improves its smoothness.
  8. Schedule blog posts -  For me this is the perfect time to plan the week/months ahead blogs posts and even take blog photos if its a nice sunny day.
  9. Watch a new series on Netflix - I recently bought Netflix and now I'm just addicted to it. At the moment I love watching Mr Selfridge and  would recommend it to anyone who wants to watch something new.
  10. Paint - This is an activity I love to do with my family and we manage to do it every weekend. We usually have a theme and they usually paint what they like, the last theme we had was flowers and they did some amazing painting, I loved joining in too.
  11. Bake  - I love baking and nothing beats home made cupcakes and cakes, the smell of fresh baking in the kitchen always uplifts my mood. I like baking cupcakes and my children like decorating them.
  12. Candles - Any day of the week I just love scented candles whether it be a Yankee candle or any brand its a mood up lifter in the evenings. My favourite candles at the moment are floral scents like sweet pea and roses.
  13. Phone family and friends - I know it sounds very obvious but its a great time to catch up with old friends and phone our loved ones. The weekends are usually the only times I have to have a good long conversation with friends and family.
  14.  Have Pizza - One thing I just love on a lazy weekend is Pizza! pizza is my favourite takeaway food and I can't resist eating it with wedges and garlic bread .... yum!
  15. Have a long walk or go to gym - I know its a silly suggestion for a lazy weekend but I really do think a bit of exercise to start the day makes a difference to the rest of the day. Once I come back from a long walk I feel refreshed and then I feel better with a lazy day.

I hope this list helps anyone planning a nice weekend in and its also a great list of things to do on a day off work when you just want to relax. I am planning a nice lazy weekend this weekend and I am looking forward to my lush bath followed by me reading Harry Potter with some chocolate and a packet of crisps.

 What do you do on a lazy weekend?

 Melissa x
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