Blueberry Waffles Recipe

Blueberry waffle recipe
I am a big fan of waffles and when I get a dessert or fancy a treat it always tends to be waffles and ice cream as they taste so amazing and are so warm, the combination is just amazing so that's why I decided to get me and the family a waffle maker so I can make my own waffles.
Me and my family really enjoy waffles and I like to make them for a treat and even sometimes for breakfast too. This recipe is one of my husbands favourites which is blueberry waffles and with the recipe below it will show you how simple it is to make delicious waffles.
-200g self raising flour
- 2 Medium Free Range Eggs 
-Handful of Blueberries
-2 teaspoons of Sugar
-Roughly 100ml of milk
-Pinch of salt
-1 Teaspoon of Vanilla
-Teaspoon of Honey
- Cooking Oil Spray (olive oil)
Method - Makes 4
-Preheat waffle maker ( I bought mine in Argos)
- Mix the self raising flour, sugar and salt in large bowl, then add the blueberries
-Make a well and add the eggs, vanilla, honey and the milk and whisk them altogether to
make a cake kind of mix but runnier as it needs to pour into waffle maker
-Spray waffle maker with olive oil spray and pour the mixture evenly into the pans and close the waffle maker, leave to cook for at least 3 minutes so the waffles are a golden colour.
-Enjoy with cream, more blueberries or yogurt.
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Makeup Revolution Ultra Brow Palette

Makeup Revolution Ultra Brow Review
Hi Lovelies
For me brows are very important but finding the right products for my brows has been a tricky task but I do enjoy trying different products that work well for me. I have been meaning to try ultra brow from Makeup Revolution for a few months now but it was sold out every time I was meaning to buy it, so you can imagine how happy I was when I eventually got my hands on this and how eager I was on giving this product a whirl.
At the moment eyebrows are so important in the beauty scene with like celebrities like Kim Kardashian and Angelina Jolie with flawless makeup and brows, I am not saying my brows are any where near the standards of the stars but I do want them to look more shaped.
Now I am sure we all know Makeup Revolution are a relatively new makeup company but their popularity has grown with beauty bloggers and beauty addicts and I can see why as they have a wise range of products that are a good quality for an affordable price.
Makeup Revolution Ultra Brow Palette
I bought this for £7.99 recently while shopping in Silverburn Glasgow with my husband as a treat as he knows I like to sort my brows out. I bought this palette in fair to medium as my hair is red and hopefully eventually it will be back blonde by the end of the year so I thought that this palette would be best for me in the long run.
This palette contains 4 blendable eyebrow shadows, 2 tinted eyebrow wax, eyebrow enhancing cream and brow bone highlighter. It also contains mini eyebrow pencil, tweezers and 2 brushes.
Makeup Revolution Ultra Brow Swatches (Top to bottom - brow pencil. top 4 are the shadows, under them is the waxes then its the brows highlighters)
My first impressions of Ultra Brow is how gorgeous the palette looks ,its put together very well with a gorgeous design and the way the shadows are put together with the tools, it looks very nice for the price and could pass for a more expensive product on the way it looks.
The actual shadows are decent quality which was a nice surprise as they applied easily and combined with the highlighter it helps achieve a brow arch which has been  harder for me with other brow products, with this on the other hand its been easy as all the products are in one.
I have no problems with the shadows and so on but for me the mini tools aren't for me as they are far to small to use correctly and I must prefer my real techniques brushes for a more professional finish. The mini tweezers aren't my thing either as with tweezers I prefer a good grip and length to make sure I pluck the right hairs.
Makeup Revolution Ultra brow palette review
The Pros
- Makeup Revolution are Cruelty Free Brand
- Its affordable
-It works really well
-Works as an eyeshadow too
-Nice palette Design
-Not keen on the mini tools.
Overall I just love this palette and it works very well and it compares quite well to the more premium products I have tried such as Ilamasqua eyebrow cake. For £7.99 I would say its well worth the money for all the product you get.
Makeup Revolution Ultra Brow palette is available on their website and in superdrug shops for £7.99.
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Melissa x
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Barry M Pink Punch

Barry M Pink Punch Review
Hi Lovelies
For me Barry M nail polishes are second to none as the quality of them is just gorgeous and the range to choose from is literally just fabulous but not only them points this brand is cruelty free and offers a lot of vegan products too.
Pink Punch has a brilliant gelly effect formula and is very easy to apply as it has a decent size brush for applying the nail paint. It took me two applications to get 100% coverage but it did look good even with just one, the finish is just as the it says on the bottle, like a gelly effect which is very shiny and I would go as far to say it looks very professional.
The Gelly nail range is very good range of nail paints and very durable and long lasting and last a good 3 days without chipping.
The Barry M Gelly range is around £3.99 and are available online and in shops like boots and superdrug.
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Silent Sunday

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Lush Lust Perfume Review

Lush Lust Gorilla Perfume Review
Hi Lovelies!
I just love perfumes but I really have a hard finding perfumes that are cruelty free and ones that actually smell nice but recently I discovered Lush sell perfumes and they are called gorilla perfumes and they are all cruelty free and all are vegetarian or vegan.
Gorilla Perfumes have many fragrances in the range and they come in many different sizes as well and if you look in  a Lush shop the perfumes are displayed beautifully. They is solid perfumes to perfume sprays in various sizes and I eventually chose Lust in a small spray bottle which looks fab and it came with a very nice gorilla perfume box. The perfume was a decent price of £12.
Lush  Lust Perfume Review
After smelling most of the Gorilla perfumes in Lush I decided to choose Lust which is £12 for 10ml of perfume. This perfume is very beautiful and powerful floral perfume with notes of Jasmine, Ylang Ylang, Rose, Vanilla and sandlewood and the mixture of all these beautiful scents is a very beautiful perfume which is long lasting, I put it on in the morning and I can still smell it on myself after a long day in the evening which is great as I have had perfumes that don't last nowhere near as long as this perfume.
I love the design of this perfume as its a bit of retro art in a glass bottle with a very nice and classic golden spray top and lid to give this perfume a professional look.
Lush Lust Vegan
Lush Gorilla Lust Ingredient's
DRF Alcohol, Perfume, Jasmine Absolute,Ylang Ylang Oil, Rose Absolute
Fair Trade Vanilla Absolute, Sandalwood Oil, *Benzyl Alcohol,*Benzyl Salicylate
*Citral*Eugenol*Geraniol*Benzyl Benzoate*Citronellol*Farnesol
*Limonene*LinaloolFair Trade Vanilla Absolute
Lush Gorilla Lust Perfume is Vegan
Lush is Against Animal Testing
What is your favourite Perfume?
Melissa x
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Barry M Nail Paint Mustard

barry m nail paint mustard
Hi Lovelies
I hope you have all had a fabulous weekend! My husband had a rare day off on Saturday so we took the kids out to the park and went to silverburn to choose what my son wants for his birthday, seeing as he is 8 next week.
I just love Barry M products as they are a cruelty free brand and they aren't afraid to show that! not only that so many products in the Barry M range are Vegan and its easy to find out on their website which Is fabulous. In my collection of nail polishes I would say a good 80% are Barry M as I just love the quality and they have so much to choose from and not forgetting they are so affordable.
barry m mustard review
I have no idea why I actually choose Barry M Mustard as its not something I would usually wear as I am more into bright nails but I think its really the name that sold it to me as I love mustard, silly reason I know but hey I am sure we all have random buys at one point.
Barry M Mustard is from the gelly range and is a nice autumn yellow colour like the leaves when they fall in the Autumn. Applying this was like a dream and didn't take much effort and didn't make a mess either and I actually got a nice opaque look with only two coats. I didn't add a topcoat to this as I love the shine of it already and I find that Barry M nail Gelly's don't need a topcoat.
(RRP £3.99)
Cruelty Free
What is your favourite Autumn nail paint?
Melissa x
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Lush The Experimenter

The Experimenter Bath Bomb Review

Hi Lovelies!
Is it me or lush keep bringing out the most amazing products? every month Lush keep brining out the most lovely products and its no wonder that I am so addicted to lush that I get hauls in their most weeks now and come out with a different product. The smell of Lush just draws me in and it doesn't take me long to choose what I want because everything is always  displayed beautifully.
In my most recent Lush Haul I bought The Experimenter which is a fabulously bright and wonderful looking bath bomb! The look of it kind of reminds me of the gob stopper in classic film from  the 70s 'Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory' but without the worry about turning into a blueberry haha.
The Experiementer Bath Bomb Review
  Cruelty Free
The experimenter is a very nice but quite strong scented bath bomb and I can imagine it might not be to everyone's taste but for me its a very nice smell and its scent is a blend of vanilla absolute, Tonka absolute and Vetivert oil and for me the work wonderfully together.
Dropping this into a warm bath it went crazy in a burst of gorgeous colours and it fizzed with poppy candy to give the most amazing show for a good 5 minute's! it was like a mini film in a way as it went in many directions and the water changed colour all the time, after it fizzed away it left my bath in a bit of murky purple/dark grey shade which was a little disappointed compared to the pictures above and below but on the plus side of things it left the bath with loads of sparkles - my favourite.
The good thing about this is that it has the most amazing scent and its just as strong as it was when it was before the bath and left me and my husband smelling like the experimenter well into the next day. Another great thing is it left my skin nice and soft and left my bathroom smelling beautiful too.

The Experimenter bath bomb
Overall me and my husband loved this bath bomb and we really hope it stays in the range as it smells gorgeous and not only that it looks fantastic and gives an amazing rainbow effect in the bath too. I am sure I will be buying this again in future.
What is your favourite purchase from Lush?
Melissa x
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