Tuesday, 23 May 2017

Dr Paw Paw Original Balm | Review

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My blogging schedule is all over the place at the moment and I have to apologise for that but I have been so busy over the past few weeks; firstly we are preparing for Ramadan which is less than a week away and also preparing for a big family wedding which is in July, so yes a bit of hectic schedule  but here i am now and fingers crossed will be more often to share more blog posts. 

Dr Paw Paw is a brand I have been wanting to try for a while now because so many people have been saying that this balm is brilliant and I wanted to see if that claim was true, so it was only a matter of time before I got this for myself to try and see if all the talk was true. The brand is British and is made from a variety of natural ingredients to make this multi purpose balm.
The balm has a gorgeous bright yellow packaging and comes in a travel friendly size of 25ml so its very handy to carry with you in your bag. It has very few ingredients in this which is quite nice to see because sometimes you see beauty products and the ingredients list is massive!
Key Ingredients 
Aloe Barbadenis Leaf Juice 
Aloe vera contains enzymes, antioxidant vitamins,  minerals and four fatty acids. The benefits it has for skin are extraordinary and is very good at retaining moisture to skin, lips and hair. Its just one of those things that have various benefits. I also love to use aloe vera as a toner because its very soothing on the skin.
Olea Europaea (Olive) Fruit Oil
We all know the many benefits of olive oil as food but its also something that is very good for our skin and hair too. It contains vitamin E which helps restore skins softness and has anti ageing benefits  as it doesn't clog the pores and helps get rid of the dead blood cells which can make skin more glowing and radiant.
Carica Papaya
We all know that papaya is a nutrient dense fruit with high vitamin C content but did we all know it has amazing benefits for the skin too? Well its very good at cleansing skin, exfoliating skin and is supposedly ok for sensitive skin ( best to do a skin patch test first though)

dr paw paw original balm review
This balm is mainly marketed as a lip balm but it also has so many other uses too  and I have tried a few of them to put them to the test to see how they all faired out.
If you have dry lips or want softer lips then this balm is perfect for them jobs. I like to use it before I put a lipstick on because it creates a smoother base for the lipstick to sit on and in turn making my lipstick last so much longer.
Skin irritations and sunburn 
This balm is know for it's healing properties so its very good for helping with these. I have been out and forgot sun tan lotion and my neck was a little red and this was great for soothing my skin ( don't forget to wear sun protection everyone! Its very important!)
Hair/Brow Conditioning treatment 
I am not sure on how well this will work because the tube is quite small but its great for keeping stray hairs in my hairstyles still and its also good at keeping my brows in shape all day long! it will save me a fortune in the long run because brow products seem to cost a fortune don't you think?
Nappy Cream 
Because this product is so natural its ideal to use if you prefer natural products. Its handy size is perfect for carrying around in bags too.
dr paw paw orignal balm review
My Thoughts
The first thing I noticed when I opened this was how thick the cream was (pic above of balm) Once it was in my hands it melted a little bit and was so much easier to work with and a little bit went a long way too. It has no particular scent at all which kinda shocked me a little bit because of the ingredients I was thinking it might smell a little tropical but with that being said its great its fragrance free, that way it doesn't interfere with the perfumes and moisturisers I like to wear.

I have used this product for a fair number of uses because it is a multi use balm I really want to see how multi use this product could be.
Caesarean scar
I have 3 children and with each child I have a caesarean and my scar has gotten a little thicker each time and sometimes during the warmer months especially my scar can be quite itchy and when it does it gets annoying, so I decided to give this a try and its worked wonders for me keeping it soothed and also very moisturised too.
Callus from lifting weights 
My boyfriend is a personal trainer and also a student wrestler so he lifts a lot of weights to help him keep him at the body goals he wants and also to keep him strong, the slight problem he has is the hard skin on his hands which is caused by the olympic bar. I have been putting this on his hands everyday since I bought this 2 weeks ago and its helped his skin quite drastically on his hands, not that its gone but that they are so much smoother which is a brilliant result in itself.

I this is a brilliant product and for me is now a skincare staple, its very affordable at £6.95. I have started to carry this round with me because it has many uses and you never know when you need something that works this well. Dr Paw Paw comes in original balm and tinted, they also have a bigger 200ml bottle and an all in 7 treatment styler.

Available in supedrug stores online and also on the Dr Paw Paw website. I have a link below for anyone interested in knowing more about the brand and the products

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Wednesday, 17 May 2017

Lush Summer Haul

Hi Lovelies 
It has been sooooooo long since I went to Lush and the main reason being is I have tried most products ( well over 50 products) If you want to see what Lush products I have tried over the years I have put them all in my product directory. I am hoping to actually try the Kitchen Exclusives which are only available online and in Londons Oxford Street, I am going to order them soon hopefully when I get a chance to see what I want to buy but you know I really wish they would put them around the country rather than just one Lush shop and it's not like I can go to London that easily because I am a busy mum of  3 and I live in Glasgow and London is over 400 miles aways. They are so many kitchen exclusive products I want to try BUT I really like seeing things before I buy them if you know what I mean. 
lush summer haul
 What I bought
Modfather Bubble Bar ( RRP £3.95) vegan
This bubble bar is in the fathers day collection and is shaped like a bullseye with the bright colours of blue, red and white. It has a very nice smell which is very citrusy ( Brazilian orange oil) I can't wait to try this and the main reason I bought it is because it smells lovely and you can't go wrong with a lush bath they are heavenly.

Mint Juleps Lip Scrub ( RRP £5.75) vegan 
I bought this because I just loved the bubblegum lip scrub which I bought last year and that has nearly finished now so I needed a replacement. I wasn't so keen on the kiss lip scrub as the sea salt made it quite bitter so I wanted something to replace that. I had a smell of all of the lip scrubs and this one won because it has a very fresh minty smell which reminds me of after eight mints.

Kerbside Violet Solid Perfume (RRP £10.00) vegan 
I finally have this! YAY! This perfume has been on my wish list for a long time and now I finally have it. Not only is this a new perfume for me it's actually the first time I have tried a solid perfume, I have only tried spray and oil perfumes before so this will be a first for me.
lush mini haul

I am looking forward to trying all of these products and I will be writing a full review on each one of them in the very  near future so keep an eye for those posts.

Have you been to Lush lately?

Melissa x
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Sunday, 14 May 2017

Naturelle Cosmetics Royal Coffee Scrub | First Impressions

Hi Lovelies 
I am so glad I got sent this royal coffee scrub from naturelle cosmetics because I have heard so many people go on about how great coffee scrubs are, I finally can tell you all my thoughts on coffee scrubs and if I will ever buy them again. 

I am a person who loves to have coffee mostly everyday and might have up to 2 cups a day so I actually love the smell of coffee, especially if its been freshly made. Walking past coffee shops when they roast coffee is just a dream for me and it actually makes me want to go inside and buy a coffee and relax, does that happen to any of my lovely followers?
naturelle cosmetics coffee scrub
The Packaging 
It has very simple packaging with all important info on it that you need, it was very awkward to open that I had to use scissors to actually open it. The product itself is 200 g so it has quite a lot of product especially for the money which costs £9.95.

This has a very strong coffee smell and its one of those smells in which I am not sure if I actually like the smell or not. This one is combined with ylang ylang, they have other scents in the range too.
naturelle cosmetics coffee scrub review
What are coffee scrubs for? 
Before I got this I had no idea what it was for either to be honest but with a little research I have found that they have ingredients in them such as fatty acids and other compounds to keep skin in better shape and also for adding moisture and reducing sagging. 

How to use coffee scrub? 
Well for me personally I used it in the shower because its very messy as you can imagine, I put over most of my body in circular motions. Its very easy to wash off if you are in the shower at the time too.
naturelle cosmetics royal coffee scrub
My thoughts 
Even though I love coffee I can't say I overly loved this product because for me the smell was very strong. Even though the smell  was rather strong it worked very well for me and moisturised my skin perfectly which makes me very happy. If you love coffee and want to try something different then I would defiantly recommend this product because it's a very reasonable price of £9.95.

For more info on natruelle cosmetics and their coffee scrubs and other products they have to offer click on the link below

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Saturday, 13 May 2017

Lush Over and Over Bath Bomb | Review

Hi Lovelies
Me and my partner literally just missed buying products from the Easter collection by a few days ( argh big regret) but we decided to go to lush anyway's because we love to share a bath as part of our things we do as a couple. When we got to lush we actually both realised that we have actually tried most of the bath bombs/melts apart from a small number of products and Over and Over bath bombs was one of the products we actually haven't tried before.

Over and Over cost me £4.25 and it is a combination of the average lush bath bomb and also the other half being like the lush bath melts. They are similar bath bombs to this one which is a combination product too and that is called Roller. Anyway's going back to Over and Over, it's a beautiful bath product which is a bright orange and yellow shade, from the first smell of this product it had a smell like nature which kinda reminded me of the forest breeze.
lush over and over bath bomb
First Impressions
As soon as my partner seen it in Lush he thought it looked like a Pokemon ball which made me laugh so much but to be honest he is right in a way it does look like one in a certain way. I like its in 2 sections as one side is covered the bath melt and the other side is the usual lush bath bomb design we all come to love. 

As I said above it has a very natural nature smell and I looked on the lush website and the for key ingredients are as follows; Fair trade organic cocoa butter, Lime oil, Fennel oil and Orris oil. So you can see by the ingredients they are very earthy.
lush over and over
sodium bicarbonate, Citric acid, fair trade organic cocoa butter, perfume, lime oil, fennel oil, cypress oil, orris oil, cream of tartar, sodium laureth sulfate, lauryl betaine, PEG-6 caprylic / capric glycerides & PEG-60 almond glycerides, butylphenyl methylpropional, citral, limonene, linalool, tangerine lustre colour 45410, colour 47005. 

Over and Over in the Bath
As with any bath product I tend to put them in running water ( usually makes products look so much better, especially if they are very colourful or have glitter). As soon  as this hit the water it started to froth all over the bath, honestly people it was moving round the bath like it had a mind of its own! It was frothing just yellow with little bits of orange oil for a while ( gotta admit I was disappointed for a moment) UNTIL the centre appeared which was a gorgeous bright pit and both of the colours started to fit round the bath and honestly it was a lovely surprise. I took a photo of it below and it did look better than this but we both couldn't wait to get in the bath.

The scent was just HEAVEN, one the over and over hit the water you could smell the fennel and lime mostly and they were just the perfect combination you could think of. Once we both got into the bath the whole bath eventually went into a bright orange shade and the aromas of over and over were very relaxing, we were both pleasantly surprised by the power and effect of this bath product; we both didn't want to get out of the bath because it was very relaxing and also very moisturising too. 
lush over and over bath bomb
My Thoughts
As you can tell by what I wrote above you can see me and my partner just loved this bath product and kinda wish it was an all year round product. Its quite different to other lush products I have tried with a very unique but very nice scent. 

For more info on over and over click below
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Tuesday, 9 May 2017

Ole Henriksen Blue/Blackberry Enzyme Mask | Review

Hi Lovelies 
Face masks are defiantly a THING right now, I have never seen so many different brands and types of face masks in my life but 2017 seems to be a year of choice and variety when it comes to what face masks they are available. This year so far I have tried at least 5 different types of face masks and each one of them have been great, I can honestly see why they are such a popular thing. 

Ole Henriksen is a very new brand to me but it has grown in popularity since it started out in the 70s. It was founded by Scandinavian skincare expert Ole Henriksen and the skincare products are made out of natural botanicals, powerful actives and essential fatty acids. The products are also cruelty free
ole henriksen mask review
The packaging is a very nice royal blue shade and the box is quite sturdy with clear information written on the box too. The container which holds the product is something I am not sure about because its made out of plastic and reminds me a lot of my grandads hair wax container. The masque itself is like a gel and is completely clear and has a very aromatic strong scent and I am unsure if I actually like the smell or not.

This mask contains a blend of blue/blackberry extract as they are very good at helping to help at cell renewal properties which helps the skins texture and it also has lavender which helps hydrate and nourish skin and as well as those amazing ingredients it also has vitamin b5 papaya enzyme which helps renew skin which makes this a perfect mask to hydrate and moisturise your face.
ole henriksen blue/blackberry enzyme mask review
I have tried this mask a few times now and so has my partner and his brother so I have a good idea of what we all think of this product so lets see how it went shall we?

We all put a thick layer of the gel onto our faces after cleansing our faces beforehand and we all agree the smell is quite strong but something we all got used too after a few minutes. To get a thick layer on our faces didn't take too long and even after it has been used by us all and also by me a few extra times they is still loads left in the container which for me helps it become more better value since it is an eye watering £36 for 100 ml of product.

Its recommend to leave it on for 20 minutes so we left it on for the stated time and once it came to the time to wash it off the texture of it was kinda like jelly that it almost set if you know what I mean. I washed my face in warm water and it didn't take too long for it to completely wash off my face which is obviously a good thing because sometimes some face masks can be an absolute pain to get off even with warm water and a towel.

My face defiantly felt more hydrated after using this mask and it felt very smooth too and it felt softer for the next 48 hours which is pretty impressive.
ole henriksen face mask review
My Thoughts
As much as I want to love this product I can't say I do unfortunately, it has so many factors on why I won't be repurchasing this. First up I think the packaging isn't up to standards for a product that is so expensive and secondly I personally don't like the smell at all it is a little bit too strong in my opinion and the texture isn't my cup of tea either. It did leave my skin feeling nice and soft after I washed it off they is no denying that but for me the price is a little much and I think the body shop expert face masks are better and they are £16 for the same amount of product, you can see my full review on the body shops Himalayan charcoal purifying mask here.

I would defiantly try other products from the range though because another product might work wonders for me and you know something everyone? You may love this face mask! This is only one persons opinion out of so many.

Ole Henriksen is available in Debenhams online and in-store

Melissa x
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Sunday, 30 April 2017

Noughty To The Rescue | Review

Hi Lovelies 
With hair products I like to get as natural as possible and with this Noughty shampoos and conditioners they are both 97% natural which is fabulous­čśŹ. I love the fact they are very honest about that and having the extra 3% being preservatives to help keep the product for longer since they are natural products. I bought these as my hair is very dry and these are for people with dry, frizzy and damaged hair. It is meant to give a moisture boost to the hair so I had my fingers firmly crossed that these two products would work their magic on my hair. 

Noughty have a range of different products with a very affordable price bracket with each product costing under £10 each and thats not the only great thing about the brand the other great things about the brand is they are cruelty free and vegetarian and vegan friendly. The products are also free from petrochemicals, parabens, sulphates and silicones. 
noughty to the rescue review
 The Shampoo
This one has sweet almond and sunflower seeds which are meant to help hair transform by smoothing spilt ends, snaps and also frizz too.
The shampoo is thick and clear and I needed about a teabags amount to cover my hair and my hair is just passed my shoulders now.
Enriched with the ingredients; Jojoba oil, Blue mallow flower, Rosemary leaf oil, Coconut oil, Olive Oil, Shea butter and Patchouli Oil.
The Conditioner 
The conditioner has two completely different main ingredients to the shampoo and they are shea butter and olive oil and they also help with the above too.
The conditioner is also very thick and feels very smooth too, I needed to a little more of the conditioner to cover my hair because my hair is quite damaged because I like to change my hair so much.
Enriched with these ingredients; Sunflower seed extract, Wheat amino acid, Sweet almond, Olive oil, Coconut oil and Shea butter.
naughty to the rescue review
My Thoughts 
In all honesty I just love these both for so many reasons and I will tell you them all because they are all equally important in my books. First up is the smell! they both smell lovely and you tell that they smell very natural too, the fragrances remind me of the time when I use to use Aveda shampoos and conditioners. 

I loved how the shampoo cleansed my scalp gently without making my scalp sore as many brand can make my scalp feeling soft. It has a quite an impressive lather too so you can see and feel which parts of the hair are covered. 

The conditioner felt lovely and very silky in my hands, I put it on my hair in sections from a inch from my roots all the way down to the tips of my hair.  As I said above I needed a bit more of this since my hair is very thick and a little bit damaged.

I have used them both for a few weeks now and I love them both and defiantly buy them again. The thing I wish they would do is make larger bottles so they would last a bit longer, apart from that they are both brilliant products and recommend them to anyone.

Noughty is available online and in-store at Superdrug stores.

Melissa x
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Wednesday, 26 April 2017

Barry M Crush | Review

Hi Lovelies 
It has been such a long time since I last did a blog post about a nail paints, which is a bit not like me because I have so many nail paints in my collection and it would be great to show you them all ( hopefully in the near future when I get the chance). Todays #NOTD is a matte nail paint from Barry M and is a beautiful autumn burgundy shade.

 I don't usually wear matte nail paints because somehow quite a lot of them don't work out well for me even if I use the right top coat and base coat. I had my fingers crossed this one would be much better then the ones I tried before. 
barry m crush review
 Barry M is a cruelty free company that sell lots of different nail paints and makeup alike. They also have a clear labelling system of whats vegan and things that are have this label on them like this one. Crush is vegan friendly.

Crush comes in a 10ml bottle and costs £3.99 on the Barry M website but if you like to save money like me they are usually on offer in Superdrug on a  3 for 2 offer every now and again.

As much as I want to love this nail paint, I can't say it was completely brilliant because it was probably one of my least favourite nail paints I have tried from Barry M. I put on a matte base coat and waited for that to dry then applied a layer of crush on it and it was VERY streaky and quite thick to apply too. It didn't get much better once I applied another coat, it still looked very streaky but another coat didn't look like it would of fixed it so I decided to put a glossy top coat on top of it instead and that helped it a lot and it looked so much better.

I didn't like the matte effect because it looked a little too streaky for me ( might work for others) but it did look better after the glossy coat I applied on top of it. I have worn it for a few days now and it looks pretty good with no chips on them so far.
barry m crush matte review

Barry M products are available in Boots, Superdrug and also on the Barry M website which a link is below ( for more info on product)

What is your favourite nail paint? 

Melissa x 
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