Thursday, 19 October 2017

Neal and Wolf Awaken Collection

Hi Darlings!

Even though I recently got my hair cut short, haircare is very high on my agenda because I always like to make myself look good no matter the occasion. For me the icing on the cake with my looks is the way my hair looks so its important it looks on point if you will. I was kindly sent these products from "Neal and Wolf" and the products they sent me were from a range called 'Awaken' which are products that help you get beautiful volumising waves. 

Neal and Wolf are a salon grade haircare products and their products can be found online and in salons up and down the UK. They offer a range of different products including; shampoo & conditioners and styling products. 
Step 1: Wash and Condition the hair to create a beautiful glossy lift

Amplifying Volumising Shampoo 250ml RRP £12.95 
This has been designed to cleanse and enhance hair, it has a unique blend of panthenol, silk, milk and wheat proteins which help to give a glossy finish without the buildup.

Amplify Volumising Conditoner 200ml £12.95
Designed to nourish and detangle hair; its created to gently detangle and nourish hair thanks to its unique blend of shea butter and silk proteins which help to enhance and make hair look more glossy.
Step 2: Towel dry hair then apply a generous amount of uplift volumising mist and enhance volumising mousse for an additional boost then blow dry hair. 

Uplift Volumising Mist | £15.95 
Meant for all hair types to significantly volumise hair, it contains a unique blend of panthenol and silk proteins to create a long lasting flexible finish.

Enhance Volumising mousse | £12.95
Designed for a long lasting and durable hold, it enhances body and shine while protecting hair from heat and also UV protection.
Step 3:  Once hair is dry apply heat protection to the hair. If you want you can use a curling wand and create small to medium curls ( I left mine as its natural wavy)

Guard Heat Protection | £12.95 
Silk protein complex locks moisture into hair  while protecting hair with heat up to 220c. It also contains meadowfoam seed oil which gives hair a vibrant glossy finish.

Step 4: Backcomb hair near roots for extra body and boost. Fix the hair by applying the hair oil and complete the look with the fix hold and shine spray. 

Velvet Nourishing Hair Oil | £15.95 
This hair oil has a blend of 3 natural hair oils; Argan, avocado and Jojoba. These 3 blends help to transform rough and unruly hair while creating smoothing and nourished hair. It also protects against UV damage and can be used on wet or dry hair. 

Fix Hold & Shine Spray |  £12.95
Fix is designed to give your a hairstyle a long lasting finish while intensifying shine. Its designed to last all day giving you long lasting results.

Completed Look!
My thoughts
I was delighted when I got the chance to review the product! I don't usually use salon grade products because they can cost a lot of money but I do think these products are great value for money compared to a lot of salon products. I love the scent of these products and you could tell that they were a good product, I know it sounds daft that I say that but you can smell the quality with each of these products.

I must say my favourite products out of them all has to be the hair oil as I use that everyday as it helps keep my hair feeling soft and my hair smelling beautiful too. I also love the hold & shine spray as it helps keep my hair in place all day which is brilliant considering I live in Glasgow and the weather can be very unpredictable.

For more info on Neal & Wolf check out their website. 

Melissa x
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Saturday, 14 October 2017

YO! Sushi | Glasgow

Hi Darlings 

I have heard of Yo! Sushi for a few years now but I was kinda put off because I have tried supermarket bought sushi before and I wasn't keen on it even though it looked very nice, I know its daft to compare but thats why it took me a while to try anymore sushi. Me and my partner were debating whether to go to Nando's or Yo! Sushi since we recently went to Nando's for my Birthday we decided to have a little change and finally try Yo! Sushi.

Yo! Sushi has 100 locations up and down the Uk and was founded way back in 1997 in Soho, London and since then has grown. Yo! Sushi sells fresh and authentic Japanese street food and sushi. 
Yo! Sushi Glasgow
I went too 2 different locations were there is Yo! Sushi restaurants and they were in Silverburn shopping centre and Breahead Shopping centre. I loved going to both of the restaurants as the staff were very friendly telling you all the info you need to know about the place. The food comes round on a conveyor belt and you get to choose which cold food you would like, if you want hot food or a drinks you ask the waiter or waitress and order the food.

You can choose to sit at the bar or sit on a table, we decided to sit on the table and on the table you have the choice of unlimited water or sparkly water, soy sauce, wasabi sauce, chop sticks and spoons also ginger. 

The bowls are colour coordinated so you can basically work out how much the bill will be at the end not forgetting drinks etc. We went a little crazy and ordered about £40 worth of food because it was the first time we visited and all of the things we tried tasted so amazing. My partners favourite food their was; spicy peppered squid which was breaded squid in spices and he also loved the furikake fries which are japanese style fries with smircha mayo and sprinkled yuzu furikake, sesame, aonori and smokey bonito flakes.

I love the chicken katsu curry which is crispy crumb chicken with a lovely mild curry sauce with delicious pickles and steamed rice. I also loved the Yo! Roll which is their signature roll with fresh salmon, avocado and japanese mayo roll with orange masago. 
Yo! Sushi Glasgow
Yo! Sushi Review

Overall I loved Yo! Sushi and I regret not going sooner! I love the food and the environment too. I will be going back on a Monday though as 48 of their dishes are only £2.80. If you are a student you also get 25% off the bill.

For more info on Yo! Sushi, check out their website below

Have you been to Yo! Sushi before?

Melissa x
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Thursday, 12 October 2017

Micro Cell 2000 | First Impressions

micro cell 2000 first impressions
 Hi Darlings

I was kindly sent these lovely products to try from the generous people at Micro Cell 2000 and I am so happy I did because it has been far too long since I tried any new nail products so giving this a whirl was something I was looking forward too. A few years back I was addicted to trying new nail polishes that I actually bought nearly 90 in a year but I kinda got over it but now I'm starting to want to try new brands and shades. 

Micro Cell 2000 was founded way back in 1989 and their team of experts with over 3 decades of experience found a treatment for brittle nails to make this unique nail repair system. They have a variety of different products including; nail repair, anti-aging hand care, colour repair and also nail repair green. 

micro cell 2000 review
I was sent over sample size products and I was sent; nail repair remover, nail wonder, nail repair and also a nail colour.

I though the sample sizes looked quite cute and I wish that more nail companies would make nail polishes this small because sometimes you only want to use nail shades a few times but you foot the big for a large bottle, I defiantly see the room for smaller products for smaller prices. The designs of these are a little dated in my opinion but the bottles are quite sturdy and the lids stay in place.

I used all of the products and they all work very well but I can't say I liked the nail colour because I feel like it didn't last long without chipping but with the nail repair I did feel like a few uses of it has help to strengthen my nails which is brilliant because I am starting to grow my own nails instead of buying false nails all the time.

For more info on Micro Cell 2000 click the link below 💋

What is everyones favourite nail products at the moment?

Melissa x

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Wednesday, 11 October 2017

Birchbox October | Review

Hi Darlings! 
I hope you are all well! I have been getting Birchbox now on and off for nearly 3 years now and I have had a love hate relationship with the subscription box for  a while now. When I first got the boxes I was always excited to see what I would be getting every month but now its been so typical that its not been exciting at all and to be honest with you all I found this months box such a waste of money and I will explain why below. 

I feel like more effort goes into the box design rather than whats in the actual box itself, I can't deny this months box and every other months boxes have been beautiful but it's such a big let down to be greeted with so many bloody samples and not just any samples, stuff you have tried before!
Birchbox October Review
Inside this months box 

Model Co Contour Stick || RRP £8 SAMPLE 👀
I got this a few months back and I can't say I loved it to be honest, I prefer my other contour products so I was a lil disappointed to get it again. I love the scent of this product though its very nice. Its easy to apply and gives an effortless contour.

Balance Me Pure Skin Face Wash || RRP £16 SAMPLE 👀
The size of this is kind of a let down for sure but I am sure it will come in handy whenever I go travelling or something like that. This is 100% natural and is supposed to remove makeup gently while moisturising at the same time.

Anatomicals Birchbox Exclusive Grab Your Melons Shower Gel || RRP £1.50 FULL SIZE 👅
Defiantly my favourite product of the box! I am looking forward to giving this a whirl.

R + Co Badlands Dry Shampoo Paste || RRP £22 SAMPLE 😒
The size of this product is super tiny and I don't feel like I can try it long enough to give it a fair review which is unfortunate. You apply this by rubbing a small amount between the fingers and massaging through hair focusing on roots.

Whish Three Wishes Body Butter Almond || £16.70 SAMPLE 😞
I love the smell of this product which smells like aloe, shea and raspberry butter. This is to help keep skin feeling nourished and also to protect the skin.

As much as I love a good sample I simply find the amount 'Birchbox' are sending out is unacceptable to me and I know that a lot of people don't mind that but for me personally I find it such a waste of money at £10 plus £2.95 for P&P is a little too steep for samples, especially when most of them will end up stuck in the bottom of my skincare drawer.

Sorry Birchbox I just had to cancel. I am on the lookout for a better beauty box, if you have any suggestions comment below or message me x

Melissa x
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Tuesday, 10 October 2017

Malee Natural Science Room Mist | Review

malee room mist review
Hi Darlings!

I just love coming home to a lovely smelling home so I was delighted when I was sent this stunning 'Malee Natural Science Room Mist" This room mist reminds me a lot of Lush products because of the key ingredients it has such as refreshing mint and warm and earthy patchouli which is also a key ingredients in lots of different lush products.

Malee was inspired by the rich landscapes, alluring scents and wisdom of Africa. The fragrances are 100% natural and are sciencefically proven to heal protect and pamper your skin. The room mist is a great multi-tasker and you can use it on your linen, upholstery and clothing. 
male natural science room mist | Review
I just love how delicate this mist is, it comes out in perfect amounts and does not stain any fabric it touches which is a good bonus as I have tried many products that manage to stain even though they say they don't. I love to spray this on my rug, cushions, curtains and bedding and the fragrance is just divine and I will explain more about in a moment but for now I will just have to say the fragrance is so long lasting! Now a bit more about the fragrance; its very citrusy and awakens me overtime i smell it. I can tell its a good product as you can smell the quality. 

 It lasts a fair few days before it needs a top refresh. The bottle itself is a very respectable size of 100ml which costs £34 which I think is a good price for a more natural smelling product than what you can find in a supermarket.

Do you use room mists?

Melissa x
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Monday, 9 October 2017

October Outfits | Bright Vixen

October outfit bright outfit
Hi Darlings!

I hope everyone has had a lovely weekend! I sure did but I wish it lasted a bit longer because for me they always go to fast. On the weekend a managed to clean my entire flat top to bottom, finish watching prison break *boo* and order some amazing bits off love honey. Any doodles back onto this post, I just love fashion but I don't manage to post about it as often as I would like too so I have challenged myself to do a few fashion posts this month and have them as 'October outfits'

October is one of my all time favourite months; firstly its because I love halloween but it's not for the obvious reasons its because I love all the spooky homeware and home decor. I also love walking outside with my big snuggly coat on walking on the crunchy orange fallen leaves. Lastly I just love cuddles on the sofa with my partner with a cover on while watching Netflix and eating some snacks with the occasional gin. 
October outfits | Bright vixen
 For me personally my fashion sense changes quite a lot in October because the temperature drops quite drastically and the days are so much shorter so my wardrobe pretty much changes overnight. I love wearing autumn colours such as orange, greens, red etc and thats where this outfit comes in. I got this outfit pretty all in a second hand shop apart from the skirt and I know I don't look like the most confident person in the world but I feel like a million dollars when I dress up, it boosts me up so much when I wear beautiful clothes.

Top - River Island ( Charity Shop)
Skirt - Lindy Bop
Wedges - Top Shop 

How is everyone this month, any plans?

Melissa x
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Friday, 29 September 2017

Aldi Candle's - Are they a Jo Malone Dupe?

jo malone dupe aldi
 Hi Darlings!

If you ever visited my flat you would notice how many candles I have, I actually have run out of space on my fire place and window because of them ahah! Anyway's I am sure we have all heard about Aldi Candles and how they are meant to be a Jo Malone dupe and me being me I was one of those people who jumped on the bandwagon to see what all of the fuss was about. I went to my local Aldi as soon as possible and tried to get all 3 scents but unfortunately they only had number 2 left so I just bought that one which is called 'No2 Blackberry Bay' and it cost me a purse friendly £3.99.  

Aldi Candle's jo malone dupe
As we all know Jo Malone is a luxury brand that sell many different products including candles, cologne and so much more fragrance inspired products. The products are quite expensive and honestly I wish I could try their products one day because I have heard so many positives about how luxurious the scents of the perfumes and candles are so whatever my thoughts on this candle were initially it still wouldn't change my mind about having Jo Malone products on my wish list later on if I find a better job or earn more blogging.  

I just love Aldi and one of the biggest reason I love Aldi is because it saves me saves me so much money a week on my weekly shopping, it's actually reduced how I spend by at least £30! So when they brought out this candle I was super excited to try a luxury inspired product thats suitable for a budget. 
aldi candles jo malone dupe
My first impressions of this candles were very positive because it looks very nice and is also a very big candle for the price of £3.99. It has a silver effect lid and the candle itself has 2 wicks inside seeing as it's such a big candle. The jar looks very stylish and very similar to the Jo Malone jar with the name of the scent and the number on it  I lit this as soon as my kids went to sleep and I put on the kettle and made myself a large cup of tea ready for blogging and honestly as soon as I came back I could instantly smell blackberries! Its got such a lovely smell and I was surprised at how fresh and floral it smells for the price. 

I am not comparing it to the Jo Malone candle but for the price it's a bloody good bargain and if I am honest I would defiantly say it is as good as a Yankee Candle and I hope to try out the other scents in the near future because I am very impressed with 'Blackberry Bay' So if you are thinking of grabbing one of these candles in Aldi I would say go for it they are so worth it!

Melissa x

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